2010 Tour Begins

Jan.5thOur tour has begun and everyone really enjoyed the Wine & Cheese welcome event, particularly popular was Lisa’s stuffed olives wrapped in bacon. Day 1 was exciting as always, crossing the border into Mexico, introducing campers to the Tourist Application process then returning to the U.S. and pick up the RVs.  20 km of highway 3 through the Valley of Guadalupe remains in construction which provided a much more casual drive and slowed us down, this is certainly beautiful wine country.  Once settled at Adolfo Villarino’s RV Park we had an great traditional Mexican lunch at the campground restaurant then off to La Bufadora.  No cruise ships were in Ensenada so tourist traffic was light, fortunately the ocean was surging and La Bufadora’s thunderous  action was on display, the group really enjoyed this.  We finished off the day with an evening stroll on the beautiful sandy beach in front of Villarino the stretches for miles where we could see the lights of Ensenada and warm our feet in the unique Punta Banda hot springs rising up along the shoreline at low tide.  Yes this is only Day 1 of the Baja Mexico experience and expectations have already been exceeded.


Cabo San Lucas - main beach Ciudad-Constitucion - blanket sales Cabo Pulmo - a room with a view Cabo Pulmo on the East Cape La Ventana Los Cerritos - Pacific Coast Door-To Where?-Loreto-Marina Recycle-at-Camp-Archelon-Bahia De Los Angeles Restaurant-San-Jose-Del-Cabo