Baja Amigos RV Caravan 28 Day Tour Book

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*In addition you you will receive our Pre-Trip Information Package which includes:

  • Mechanical Checklist
  • Must Have Items
  • Mexican Insurance Tips
  • What you need to know about Pets
  • PEMEX & Propane questions answered
  • Crossing borders-what to expect
  • Credit Cards, Pesos & US dollars
  • Water Dos & Don’ts
  • Important Contacts

Our 152 page Baja Amigos RV Caravan 28 Day Tour Book – Comprehensive and organized step by step RV tour of Baja, Mexico.

Baja Amigos 28 Day Tour Book

Baja Amigos 28 Day Tour Book

  • Places to go, things to see, people to meet, memories to make, experiences to experience
  • A Wonderful introduction to this Magnificent Peninsula and everything it has to offer to an RVer
  • The Baja Amigos 28 Day Tour has something to offer for everyone and the opportunity to shorten or extend your stay and return to any of your favourite spots.



 California and Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California, Mexico

Baja California, Mexico

  • Baja California is a unique recreational Paradise-in-the Sun dominated by its 2,000 mile coastline.
  • Baja, which means Lower in Spanish, refers to an 800 mile long peninsula separated from Mexico’s mainland by the gulf of California-or the Sea of Cortez
  • Between its wildly contrasting shorelines lie deserts, mountains and plains dancing with spiny botanical oddities and crisscrossed by roads so isolated you’ll think you’ve left earth.”


28 Day Tour Itinerary

28 Day Tour Itinerary

The daily itinerary is well planned, balanced and leaves little to chance as Baja Amigos has hosted 29 tours to date with this program.

  • November is often very warm. December/January are the cooler months, but still balmy in the Southern Baja.  February /March are warmer and the best time for whale watching.  Rarely any rain, particularly in Baja Sur and then only in hurricane season in September and early October!
  • Yes, sections of the highway are narrow, but certainly safe to drive.  The roads have improved dramatically since we first drove Mex 1 to Cabo San Lucas in 1985.  Significant improvements have been made in the last 10 years, with the construction of many new bridges and extensive reconstruction of much of Hwy 1 to a much wider international standard. These ongoing improvements continue in 2014.
28 Day Tour Book Index

28 Day Tour Book Index

The Index is well laid out and easy to follow.  Following each Tour Day you will find a Journal Entry where you can record whatever is important to you, could be weather, road conditions, amazing sites or where you fueled up, this is entirely up to you.  After each Tour Day you will also find  an Information Bulletin, each offering a unique and insightful look at Baja and Mexico that we are confident you will find interesting and helpful.

  • Our History Section, easy to read, not too long; an introduction to how Mexico and Baja came to be who they are.  Your understanding of Mexico and their culture will ensure an added comfort level as you travel through communities and interact with locals.
  • Our Spanish Pronunciation Section is designed to be basic and very helpful.  Take the time to learn some basic Spanish and use it as often as possible, the Mexicans will really appreciate your effort and you will feel much more at ease.
Day 1 -Punta Banda

Day 1 -Punta Banda

Day 1-Punta Banda; your journey starts crossing at Tecate and ending in Punta Banda. As you see our Baja Amigos Tour Book leaves little to chance and provides a very straightforward guide to ease your Baja RV adventure.

  • On our 28 Day tour we drive thru Ensenada, stopping for some shopping and bank services, on your own you have the opportunity to stop and explore the coastal community at your own pace.
  • The first question we are always asked: Is it safe? Most trouble spots are along the US/Mex border involving drug cartels & gang members, not unlike cities across Canada and the US.  The Mexicans are a very peaceful people and like anywhere common sense goes a long way.  Ciudad Juarez, across the US border from El Paso Texas, is the hotspot for violence in this ongoing conflict, almost 1000 km away from Baja.

In addition, we recommend purchasing Mike & Terri’s 5th Edition Baja Camping Book  and a good Baja Map

AAA Baja Map

AAA Baja Map

We incorporate Mike & Terri's Book

We reference Mike & Terri’s Baja Book




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