Baja Bound-Alta California

October 26, 2010 – We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny morning at the Win-River Casino in Redding, California all bad weather is behind us now (we hope).  A shorter day today traveling only to Modesto to stay with friends.  Out for a great Mexican meal and shopping for a few more supplies before heading further south on Thursday. It was great to sit out and soak up some warm rays on the patio this afternoon, my condolences to all those left behind in the cold and rain.  Much thanks to Jason “NitroMan”, the Nitroseal and Nitrolube products he applied to our Van & Travel Trailer are sure to provide great savings and economy.  Stay tuned…..


Guerrero Negro - Malarrimo RV Park El Requeson, Bahia Concepcion Vincente-Guerrero El Burro - Bahia Concepcion Los Cerritos - Pacific Coast Dollar-Store-on-Wheels Fidels-El-Pabellon-Campground Merry Christmas Recycle-at-Camp-Archelon-Bahia De Los Angeles