Baja Bound for Baja Amigos

Jason is the man!

October 23, 2011 – We have hit the road again for Baja and this season looks better than ever!  Lots of interest and we are still receiving serious inquiries right up to our departure.  Jason “NitroMan” was good enough to NitroSeal all of our tires on the new Travel Trailer and we will be using all of the the other NitroLube products to ensure our gas goes the farthest, cannot beat NitroLube!

We need more stickers!

We also have lots of stickers for the fans of Baja Mill (1000), speaking of stickers, we are going to go on a search to once again fill the back of our trailer, our signature RV identity for the road for sure.  We will be meeting up with Bruce & Marian in Woodburn, OR, really look forward to traveling with them again.

Bye for now!



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