Baja Fiesta – Let’s Party!

March 4, 2011- Well we have all arrived at the Baja Fiesta Restaurant in Vicente Guerrero and almost back to the US border.  Everyone is looking for a great dinner, we have never been disappointed.  We have added a change to the last day of the tour. tomorrow we will stay at the Sordo Mudo Campground associated with the Deaf School at KM 75 on Hwy 3 and then do a Wine Tour at LA Cetto, what fun eh? The group really enjoyed their time at Bahia de los Angeles, the weather could not have been better, the sea calm and plenty of dolphins and sea lions to enjoy, Indy cannot wait to return for more Kayaking.  Bruce can hardly wait to return next year to climb Mike’s Mountain.   This has been another great tour and we start all over for our March run in a few days, we can hardly wait.


Catavina boulder fields Lazaro  Cardenas Bahia De Los Angeles La Ventana La Ventana El Requeson Mexican-signage Restaurant-San-Jose-Del-Cabo San-Ignacio-campground