Baja Hwy Improvements

February 3, 2011 – I am pleased to report that construction on Hwy 1 south of Maneadero is almost complete, no more gravel! They are still paving shoulders and line painting, however we drove the entire stretch on new pavement.  Bridge construction at El Rosario is complete and one side of the bridge is open north of Vicente Guerrero no more arroyo diversions at those locations.  The Hwy 1 bridge north of Colonet remains in construction and the diversion clearly marked and well paved.  The road from Tecate to Ensenada, Hwy 3, is now substantially complete and very drivable for RVs of all sizes.  The 30 km of construction is now 85% paved with 4 or 5 short sections still under construction.  We left the Sordo Mudo RV Campground (KM 75) on Hwy 3 at 8:30 am February 1 and at the US border in Tecate at 10:00 am, we averaged 70 km per hour, nice drive for sure.


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