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Toni & Shari's House in Leavenworth, WA

On The Road In Kansas

October 25, 2014 – Well we are back on the road heading to start our next Baja season, this year stopping across the US to see some folks and friends that have been on our past tours. A little wet for our departure but the weather did improve for sure. The border was a breeze at Peace Arch and we were on our way, with a stop at WalMart for groceries and COSTCO for gas.

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This is bad

Major Hurricane Odile Brings Life-Threatening Impacts to Baja California

September 15, 2014 – Only one story today, our Baja Amigos need your collective prayers and positive thoughts. Baja California Sur is in a dangerous situation as Odile will continue to bring life-threatening impacts, such as significant flooding and hurricane-force winds, through Tuesday. Odile made landfall near Cabo San Lucas at 9:45 p.m. PDT on Sunday as a Category 3 hurricane, making it the strongest hurricane ever recorded to make landfall in Baja California. Southern portions of Baja California will continue to experience hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall on Monday as Odile tracks northward. Storm surge will become less of a concern moving forward as Odile weakens and tracks over Baja California.

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How much room is enough?

Baja RVers-Not all the same

August 16, 2014 – Here we are deep into summer and already thinking about heading back to Baja in a couple of months, we should be crossing into the US southbound on the 15th of October. This got me thinking about the number of RVers we see and interact with every season on Baja, mostly always a good experience sometimes not. We look forward to seeing so many familiar faces, people we have taken down in the past, folks we have known long before we started Baja amigos and other RVers we have met over the Caravan years and look forward to meeting up with again. All of which we consider to be our Baja friends!

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Guillermo is the Goalie to beat!

Mexico – World Cup Fever

June 22, 2014 – And goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa is the World Cup’s new “football” darling as Brazil could not find a way past Mexico’s inspired goalkeeper when they met in Fortaleza, although curiously enough he is currently without a club. Ochoa kept a clean sheet in Mexico’s opening match, their 1-0 defeat of Cameroon last Friday, but he didn’t face a shot on target until the 90th minute.

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All smiles, fun and adventure delivered!

2013/2014 Best Baja Season Ever!

April 8, 2014Here we sit at the Oak Creek RV Resort in El Cajun reflecting on another successful season for Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours although our new Wagonmasters, Dom & Diane, will not be across the US border with their group until April 10th.  To date we have operated 23 tours in five (5) short years, wow where did all that time go?  This season we brought over 40 RVs down to Baja.

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These kids are keeners to recycle

La Paz, Playa Santispac & LA Bay

April 6, 2014We have covered a lot of ground since our arrival in La Paz a few days ago, as we sit here at the Baja Fiesta Restaurant in Vicente Guerrero on Day 27.  Before you know it we will be heading across the US border on or way home to Surrey, BC.

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Lily from DC was on Spring Break

Old Guys Rule In Cabo

March 30, 2014Tour continues as we have now made the turn northward arriving yesterday in La Paz at our final destination, Campestra Maranatha (actually in El Centenario).  Our drive from the parking lot behind the Los Cerritos Surf Colony (thinly disguised as an RV Park) was uneventful with our first stop in Todos Santos for a 3 hour walking tour of this magical Mexican town that includes the Hotel California made popular by the legendary band, The Eagles. 

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Even Dan got into this photo

Day 15 in Los Cabos

March 25, 2014 We arrived yesterday after a short uneventful drive from Rancho Verde at km 142 on Hwy 1.  It was cool when we awoke, about 14C (57F) then we started but heated up quickly, still a far cry from when we arrived; our thermometers indicated 99F (37C), really darn hot.

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Bring on those whales

St. Patrick’s Day in Mulege, BCS

March 17, 2014 We are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Mulege, we had been scheduled to stay on Santispac however a fierce El Norte blew up and pounded Baja, a good time to be off the beach for sure.  We have heard Hwy 1 from Vizcaino to Guerrero Negro was closed due to extremely high winds and poor visibility because of blowing sand.

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You Are In Mexico Now!

You Are In Mexico Now!

March 14, 2014 That is what the Municipal Policeman said as he had me over the hood of his truck and was putting the handcuffs on.  Clearly my strategy of intervening with in his attempt to get one of our RVers to pay up $100 US for alleging running a red light in the community of Maneadero had some flaws. 

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Ready for fun & adventure

Dan & Lisa’s 20th Baja Tour

March 11, 2014 – Hard to believe we are sitting here tonight at Villarino’s Campground on our 20th Baja tour with another avid group of RVers excited about the road that lies ahead, keenly looking forward to new adventure and lots of fun.  It seems just the other day we had our daughter Heather with us and we were scoping out campgrounds, beaches and RV parks across Baja drafting up the basics of what would become our 28 & 45 Day tours.  Wow has time passed quickly!

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Wonderful dinner as always

No Rain On February Baja Tour

March 7, 2014 - We are sitting tonight at the Oak Creek RV Resort unwinding from our latest 28 day tour which ended today, we crossed the border around 10 am as our wait was relatively short.  Our drive from the Sordo Mudo Campground at km 75 on Hwy 3 was very busy as lots of traffic has shifted from Toll 1 since that highway fell into the sea.

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Don't want to miss this!

Mulege in March

March 1, 2014Lots has happened since our full day in La Paz before continuing our journey north.  Dom & Diane arrived with their group, they had decided the Cerritos Surf colony was overpriced and weather was crappy.  Plus that they could spend more quality time at Carnaval which started the day we left for Puerto Escondido.  Everyone really enjoyed their time in La Paz, a good look at the old town, the many shops, the Madero Mercado, the Malecon.

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Many have found this a great place to eat in Todos Santos

La Paz – The Peace

February 26, 2014 Well we arrived in La Paz yesterday after a couple of days on the Pacific at the Los Cerritos Surf Colony RV Park.  This would be a parking lot thinly disguised as some kind of campground.  The bonus is access to the pool, WiFi, flush toilets, bar and restaurant. 

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Lots of room for RVs here

Baja is cooking

February 21, 2014We arrived yesterday in Cabo San Lucas and the heat that started at the beginning of the tour continues.  We hit 30c or 86f yesterday, a far cry from when we arrived in Rancho Verde, located south of La Paz on Hwy 1 at 1800’, where it was 38c or 100f!

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What a place!

Leaving Loreto heading south

February 16, 2014It has been a very memorable last few days for the group on Baja with temperatures unseasonably high and winds surprisingly light.  It appears that the winter, such as it is on Baja, is officially over, and for the record is the warmest and driest on record across both states (Baja California & Baja California Sur).

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The gang is eager to see the whales

Baja California Sur

February 11, 2014We have arrived in Baja Sur having booked into the Malarrimo Hotel & RV Park yesterday and the sun continues to shine. A look at the long term 10 day forecast show a marvelous weather pattern emerging, warm to hot without much wind, perfect for our beach stays for sure. 

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Everyone is ready for Baja!

Always expect the unexpected on Baja!

February 7, 2014So today we are at the end of Day 1 of our February 2014 28 Day Tour.  This our 19th tour since we started this company in 2009, Baja Amigos 20th tour since Dom & Diane now have a tour under their respective belts.  By all accounts we chose wisely as the evaluations were outstanding from those on their January 2014 28 day Tour.

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Back to the US

February 4, 2014 Well the last few days of our January 2014 28 Day Tour have been full of fun and adventure as promised, even for the WagonMasters.  After crossing yesterday back into the US we spent most of the day getting a resolution to our leaf spring issue on our Pacific Coachworks TANGO travel trailer.

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The gang loved this place


January 28, 2014 Well we are in Mulege now at the Hotel Sereinidad and have yet to see Don Johnson the owner although I understand he is here.  The group has settled in nicely yesterday was busy after leaving Puerto Escondido with stopping for a couple of photo ops then a long Military Checkpoint, always the case with the first one north.

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Nigel's new racing partner

Northward we must go

January 23, 2014 Where has the time gone? Yesterday we left Cabo as we make our turn north to Pescedero. Our 2nd day saw us headed off for Artesano’s, always an interesting stop and good for a couple of Mexican purchases.  Next we were off to San Jose Del Cabo, some shopped other visited the sites and we all had lunch at Shooters just at the corner of the Plaza on the roof.

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The Gang in Santa Rosalia

Leaving Loreto

January 15, 2014 - This morning we head off to Constitucion as our southward journey continues, we have had a few fun filled days for sure since my last blog.  The gang had a wonderful experience whale watching in Guerrero Negro and on their return we headed off to San Ignacio. 

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Linda & Tom really enjoyed the Cave Paintings

Whales are here!

January 10, 2014Well it has been a busy and eventful couple of days since I last blogged.  Our drive from Villarino to Fidel’s on the beach had the usual traffic, blue skies and folks really got experience driving with locals.  On one of our body breaks we met 3 young boys, very polite and friendly for sure; fortunately we had 3 large candy canes we had been given at Xmas which we passed along, these kids will really enjoy these. 

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Presenting our January 5 Baja Tour Group!

Back On Baja in 2014

January 6, 2014Well here we sit in Punta Banda enjoying the tranquilty of Villarino’s campground by the sea.  The day started very windy indeed, blustery for sure in Potrero, in no time at all we were at the Mexican border at Tecate and across.  Our usual route around the backside of Tijuana then onto Toll Hwy 1has been changed for the rest of the season since about 1 km of the highway fell into the sea (more about that later below). 

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Look at all those dolphins eh!

Back to the USA

December 17, 2013 Today we returned to the USA crossing before lunchtime from the Sordo Mudo RV Park on Hwy 3 in the Valley of Guadalupe.  Everyone enjoyed the tour and tasting at LA Cetto, we basically had the winery to ourselves as we did the 3:30 pm tour on a Monday afternoon.  Rueben was our guide and was well informed about the wine making process and the history of LA Cetto started in 1928.

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