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Camping on the Caribbean in Cancun

Camping on the Caribbean in Cancun

February 4, 2016 – After a 4 hour drive from the Cenote Cabana Suytun that included stops at PEMEX, Propane and Groceries we arrived at our destination, RV Park Mecoloco just north of town. Not surprisingly there is even a few RVs here, one from BC. At $200 pesos per night, across from the beach […]

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Uxmal was fabulous

Campeche Camping and more

January 28, 2016 – We had a truly wonderful visit to Campeche and our stay in the campground equally superb. Our walk on the Malecon was windy but warm as was our walk in the historic downtown core. Shortly after arriving in the Zocalo we jumped on an open trolley bus to see the sights, well worth the $100 pesos per person. They have done such a terrific job over the past 300 years preserving and enhancing the core of the original city surrounded by portions of the old Spanish fortress wall.

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Echo Villa Campground in Campeche

We made it to the Yucatan

January 21, 2016 – On our second day in Catemaco we walked into town, the gang went a boat tour on the lake that included monkeys and crocodiles. Lisa and I stayed back and walked up to the Church and the main square which was very ornate inside. Later we headed back to the RV Park for a siesta and later a dip in the pool. The rest of the group returned later, they had a fun time on the tour and spread out for lunch. We decided to wait for the laundry which arrived at 8:30 pm, vacuum packed it seemed, then most walked into town for the re-opening of Malecon celebration that included a band and dancers from Mexico City. There were literally thousands of people, shoulder to shoulder and yes the entertainment was loud. On the way back to the RV Park we stopped for a drink at a bar on the lake that included a singer who clearly had been performing for many years, yes this was entertaining and we had fun.

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Gals are happy the men found the laundry

Southward Bound Continues To Catemaco, Veracruz

January 15, 2016 – Our 1st attempt driving to Veracruz, lead by Bruce & Marian, was unsuccessful as shortly after our departure we came to halt and a 5 hour lineup because of protest blockade. The locals were protesting the state of the road, Highway 180 north to Tampico, we are definitely in solidarity with them […]

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Xrays completed, wed are in Mexico now!

We are back in Mexico

January 10, 2016 – We crossed as planned on the morning of January 7th at Pharr, Texas into the state of Tamaulipas, one of Mike & Terri Church’s recommended crossings. The Mexican border officials put all our RVs thru an Xray and parked us for the results. We decided use this time to do all […]

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Tree of Life at Art Exhibit in San Antonio

Viva Mexico! Welcome Sophie!

January 6, 2016 – Well tomorrow we start our mainland Mexico adventure, something Lisa and I have been longing for some time. We are crossing at Pharr, Texas and heading due south past Tampico. We know the sketchiest of our travels will be the next 2 days however I would trade some anxiety for what wondrous sites and experiences anytime.

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Lisa in Tombstone, AZ

Baja Amigos bound for San Antonio, Tejas

December 27, 2015 – We spent 3 nights at the Oak Creek RV Park after completing our 38 Day Tour, lots of errands, shopping and some down time, we do like that pool and hot tub. Fortunately it did warm up again, at least in the daytime. Then we started our journey east to meet […]

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Ken & Kathi walked from Santa Ines into Catavina

Tour #25 in the books – Texas Bound

December 17, 2015 – Well today we crossed the US border with our group yesterday and have returned to the Oak Creek RV Park. We have a few things to take care of around the San Diego area then we start heading east for our Texas rendezvous with our mainland Mexico group. Yesterday morning we left […]

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Juanita is such a talented artist

Return To Requeson

December 8, 2015 – Well we just spent a couple of very pleasurable days on Playa Requeson, Bahia Concepcion on our return northbound. It has been a while since we spent time here, as I recall our 2010 45 Day tour. When we pulled in we parked right next to Bob & Linda, our BC friends we first met on Playa Tecolote years ago. A couple of hours later Steve & Dale should up, they were headed to Mark & Olivia’s place to watch NFL Football.

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Always happy to be back at Ibarra's Pottery

Sitting Out Sandra

November 27, 2015 – Season 7, 30 Tours for Baja Amigos, 25 for Dan & Lisa and here we sit in La Paz off schedule waiting out Hurricane (now Tropical Storm Sandra) to make landfall at the near the south end of the Baja peninsula. I will talk more about that later.  Our time in […]

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Wow, what a camping spot

Loreto and more

November 19, 2015 – We arrived in Loreto yesterday, still some wind but under sunny skies. Dropped by to see Ubaldo and Marv & Shel, make preparations for next season and the Fiesta Night Dinner tonight. The tour has gone smoothly, only Alan had a brush on his driver’s side mirror although as always leading the group we witness other drivers conduct on the road that questions their sanity, both Mexican and mostly tourists. Why do they seem so keen to get to the next life?

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Small group but big on adventure!

Back on Baja-Season Seven Starts

November 10, 2015 –Starting our 7th season and leading our 25th Baja tour how many new experiences could we have? Well Day 0 and Day 1 answered those questions. Our first stop is as always the Mexican Immigration Office to process the Tourist Cards, usually a 3 step process; (1) complete the application, (2) pay at the bank, (3) return to the immigration officer to have the permit registered and stamped.

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Over 1000 sites

Happy Halloween in Hemet

October 31, 2015 – Today we leave our fancy digs at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, CA and head off down the road to the Springs at Borrego RV Resort located in Borrego Springs, CA. Our week in Hemet was everything we were looking for and more, lots of pool & hot tub time, hot days, warm evenings and friendly staff.

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This is a close as I got for a selfie

Baja Amigos 2015/2016 – Season 7

October 22, 2015 – Well we had no problem getting away on schedule heading out after the Thanksgiving weekend, the weather was great, sunny skies and no wind. We arrived in Woodburn, Oregon right on schedule, about 4:15 pm at our usual spot WalMart, lots of other RVs were already there, many arriving later. Day 2 on the road and we were off south bound once again on the I-5, next stop Weed, CA and the Friendly RV Park. We were shocked at the lack of Snow Pack on Mount Shasta, very different then just 2 years before at the same time of year. Even when we passed by in April heading north the Snow Pack seemed extensive.

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Antonio was happy to see Mama Sylvia again

Baja Amigos Completes Another Season

April 9, 2015 – We returned to the US yesterday crossing at Tecate Baja California our usual location. We arrived at the border at 9:16 am and entered the US in approximately 45 minutes, not bad at all. On the American side we all met at the pulloff stop, gathered the radios, evaluations, returned information to the gang and said our goodbyes. What a great time we had on Baja for our 24th tour (29th for Baja Amigos).

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Good time for the RVers to leave the beach

Last Day On Baja Sur

April 3, 2015 – We leave this morning on our northward journey with one more night in Baja Californian Sur. We will be heading for Guerrero Negro and Mario’s RV Park and the forecast is for cooler temperatures, we will see.

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Always Fun at Medano

Leaving Los Cabos – Heading North Slowly

March 27, 2015 – It has been a busy few days since my last blog and the weather has not changed on Baja Sur particularly in the southern loop. Hot, Sunny and Hot! Mid 30s C or low 90s F every day.

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Who is watching who?

Leaving Loreto Sunshine Abounds

March 19, 2015 –Only a few days ago we were in Guerrero Negro and the gang was setting off to see the whales and hopefully touch some. Well they had a show for sure, I believe everyone touched whale and many were spit on as well. The Grey whales were really putting on a show, […]

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"Gus" the Boulder Gopher

Baja Blast Furnace

March 15, 2015 – Hard to believe it is already Day 5 and this morning the gang goes out to watch the whales. Yesterday on arrival the wind was blowing and it was hot, mid 30’s C (over 90 F). It never did get that cool overnight in Catavina, perhaps 20 C or 70 F. The drive was uneventful, a little windy at times but we took it easy, not a lot of regular Mexican traffic, we speculate the higher price of fuel is keeping many off the road. After arrival and set up in Guerrero Negro at Malarrimos we headed for Tony’s Tacos, we have been looking forward to them since we our last tour.

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March 2015 Baja Amigos
"We are ready!"

March 2015 Baja Amigos Tour Starts

March 12, 2015 – Well here we are heading south on Baja one more time to finish our 2014-2015 Baja season. This is a very special tour for us as we have Lisa’s Mom, Sylvia and our friends from Surrey, Mark & Kathy with us. We met them at the Oak Creek RV Resort in El Cajon, as well as folks from Yakima, Washington who are also joining us. Our return north for this March tour has brought some terrific weather, reaching well into the 30’s C (80’s F).

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We said our goodbyes this morning

Day 29 – We have returned to the U.S.

March 8, 2015 – Well we crossed back into the U.S. on a busy Saturday this morning at Tecate with more adventure in store for us that include a police escort on the Mexican side and the Sherriff telling us to move along at our regular meeting spot on the American side. But we made it safe and sound with lots of driving excitement on our last day on Hwy 3.

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Diane & Elaine relaxing

Lazy Hazy Day In Mulege

March 1, 2015 – Well here we are in Mulege, our 2nd day, it has become overcast and cooled off (25C), the forecast is for showers tomorrow. Today some folks went to mass in town, I took others into town for a little shopping and banking, still others went for lunch. Lisa and I went for breakfast at the Hotel Serenidad with Ron & Andrea, it was tasty indeed and reasonably priced.

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Sunrise at Los Cerritos

Still in Baja Sur

February 27, 2015 – Only a few days ago we were at the Villa Serena RV Park having our Annual Baja Amigos Breakfast Meeting with Dom & Diane from Alberta and Mike & Kelly from Kansas. Dom & Diane had arrived the afternoon before and Mike and Kelly were going to meet us at the Los Cerritos Surf Colony RV Park later in the day. The day started out warm and was only going to get warmer, fortunately we would be a little cooler on the Pacific and have access to a descent pool.

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Sunset at Villa Serena

Leaving Los Cabos

February 22, 2015 – It has been a few days since I last blogged from Ciudad Constitucion. The weather has really cooperated for sure, no more rain only sunny skies, hot days and warm tropical breezes. Our time on Playa Tecolote was definitely memorable and busier than we had seen for some time. When we arrived there was already 20 RVs spread across the beachfront so it was a bit more challenging getting the group parked as we wanted to respect the view and space others had prior to our arrival.

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The Pot Luck was great

Loreto-Thunder Downunder

February 16, 2015 – Today the sun is scheduled to reappear as we continue our southward journey to Ciudad Constitucion on our way to Cabo San Lucas. This is a very different start to our day yesterday, where the lightning and thunder, followed by lots of rain (buckets) awoke me at about 4am and continued for some time. It did clear up for our excursion to San Javier, the road was in ok shape except for dodging some rocks. We had a good look around and returned under mostly sunny and warm skies. Then after some errands in the early part of the afternoon the thunder and lightning started again and it poured. About an hour before our Baja Fiesta Dinner the precipitation stopped and before you knew it we were loading up the Van and Giggling Dolphin bound. We able to park at the gate to the restaurant, good thing the water was 6 inches deep on the street and went curb to curb, I had to exit thru the sliding side door myself. Dinner was good, Ubaldo always the gracious and attentive host and the musicians performed some new tunes thanks to Gus’s requests, yet another Baja experience to remember.

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