CTV News Interview

September 21, 2010 – In response to the Canadian Government issuing yet another Travel Advisory we agreed to an interview with CTV prior to our appearance at the Snowbird RV Show; as usual the Travel Advisory has no factual basis in reality for RVers traveling in Mexico.  The Mexican video clips depicting  murder and mayhem were taken in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahau, (900 km from Baja) where a war between rival drug cartels has been raging since 2007. This conflict has never involved Snowbird RVers traveling south to warmer weather and seaside camping, particularly on Baja.  The only RVers we can verify that have met with foul play are a couple murdered in New Mexico, USA  in August 2010 and the McMann’s who disappeared in Alberta, Canada this past July, (however to our knowledge no Travel Advisory have been issued).  We have guided many friends and family (including Lisa’s 80 year old Mom) on wonderful Mexican camping holidays in recent years and believe Mexico remains a warm, affordable, relaxing and safe destination for Snowbird RVers.

View the interview online at CTV


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