Cumpleaños Feliz Discover Baja

Happy Birthday Discover Baja

 August 20, 2011 – We want to congratulate Discover Baja Travel Club on 20 years of support and service to those travelers, tourists and residents of Baja California, Mexico.  Discover Baja was founded in August 1991 by Hugh and Carol Kramer, who are passionate about Baja, its people, culture, stunning beauty and natural wonders.  Their goal with the Club has always been to promote and enhance peoples experience of Baja California.  They have always strived to be the best travel information source for those exploring the marvels and probing the mysteries of this fascinating and ever-changing magnificent peninsula.”  Discover Baja remain the only family-owned and operated club of its kind.

We first joined the Discover Baja Travel Club a few years ago; however we only got to know Hugh and Carol well after we started Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours and approached them in 2010 about working together to promote Baja and our businesses.  When we first met in San Diego in person prior to the start of our 2010 November tour we knew we had made the right decision.  Carol & Hugh were very warm and welcoming from the moment we met.  We were invited to park our RV in front of their house and offered a room.  During our short stay we were invited for many meals, offered showers, laundry and access to WiFi, as RVers, we really appreciate all of the above.

Carol & Hugh are great hosts!

To top off everything they took us on a whirl wind tour of some of San Diego’s great sites.  We spent a wonderful day at Mission San Luis Rey at the celebration of Dia de las Muertos.  The mission was founded in 1798 by Spanish Franciscan Padres and now a National Historic Landmark, for its pristine example of a Spanish Mission Church complex.  The exhibits were beautiful as was the Mission, we were very fortunate to share this experience with all attending.  Later that evening the Kramer’s cast themselves as San Diego ambassadors and off we went for a tour of the town!

First up was the Hotel del Coronado (also known as The Del and Hotel Del) which opened in 1888, as a beachfront luxury hotel in the city of Coronado, just across the bay from San Diego.  It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort.  It is one of the oldest and largest all-wooden buildings in California and the first resort hotel to use electrical lighting.  It has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities throughout the years.  We were fortunate to be there at Halloween with a costume party on the go, lots of terrific outfits for sure.  We then headed off  to Little Italy and were treated to some great Gelato and our return drive took us through the Gaslamp District.  As it was Saturday night and Halloween everyone was in costume; everyone being thousands of people, this was well worth the price of admission and a very entertaining final hour for the evening tour.  What a fantastic introduction Carol and Hugh gave us to the San Diego region and this is the same care they take with their approach to Baja.

What a wonderful celebration!


We would be remiss not to mention Monica & Maythe who work with Hugh & Carol at Discover Baja.  They are always happy to hear from us, very attentive to details and helpful in responding to our concerns and needs.  We were never so grateful and relieved when Monica and her family adopted a pup we rescued off Mex 1 from Baja.  They were thrilled with “Nacho” and we finally got some sleep, a real “Win Win”.  Over the last year we email, phone and deal directly with everyone at Discover Baja on a regular basis, for us they have become much more then strategic contacts for our business, they have become good friends.

 20th Cumpleaños Feliz Discover Baja!  Enjoy your Fiesta Celebration, you deserve it!





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