DAY 16-18: Tecolote

Day 16-18: Playa El Tecolote

(45 km/29 miles)

We will get a good start today even though we have a short drive on our way drive to Playa El Tecolote where we arrive well before lunch and spending some serious beach time for the next 3 days.  Shortly after our departure we will be at the entrance of La Paz and stopping to grocery up for our boon docking (dry camping) on the beach.  Our route follows the bypass to the Ferry Terminal and a fuel stop.  Tecolote is located about three kilometers (1.5 mi) beyond the Playa Balandra turnoff  and is a wide, long beach backed by vegetated dunes. Swimming and kayaking are always popular here and because El Tecolote is open to the stiff breezes of Canal de San Lorenzo, the camping is insect-free.

We will be joining many other RVers who often make this beach their winter home for the entire season.  Two palapa restaurants, El Tecolote and Palapa Azul sell seafood and cold beverages and rent pangas, beach chairs and umbrellas, fishing gear, and plastic canoes. Free municipal palapas, barbecue grills, and trash barrels dot the beach north and south of the restaurants.  Isla Espiritu Santo is 6.5 kilometers (4 mi) away and clearly visible in the distance; you can hire a panga to cross the channel, tours are available right off the beach.

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