Day 16-Cabo San Lucas “Flaming Hot!”

March 24, 2011 – Wow! What an entrance we made at the Vagabundos RV Park when we arrived!  Just as we pulled up to the front gate two Mylar balloons decided to wrap around some high voltage wires which ran parallel above the sidewalk in front of the park.  There was sparks, flames, exploding insulators, very loud popping noises as the electricity surged with the direct current fault, a cross arm even blew off the pole!  This all happened over a period of 5 seconds as we drove into the front gate and under the wires ( believe we exceeded the posted 10 mph speed limit).

The good news is no one was hurt, the wires remained in the air and the line crew arrived in 15 minutes.  Everything was up and running within 2 hours, very impressive.  We are off this morning to Playa Santa Maria for some snorkeling and a picnic, later this afternoon a tour Cabo San Lucas including a walkabout in the harbour.


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