Day 19 – La Paz

March 24, 2012– We ended our visit to Cabo San Lucas with a Happy Hour on Playa Medano, aka The Office, and no one was disappointed! Lots of vendors, lots of interesting people to watch, Lisa provided some really good snacks and Margarita’s all around. We met Victor who formerly worked in the local RV industry as a guide, who now sells handmade carved items, such as Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Ted & Dan are making friends on the beach!

The next day we were off to Pescadero and a stop at the Factory of Mexican Blankets, aka the Blanket Factory, Efren Parada and his Mom were both there and the group were really impressed with the quantity, quality and diversity of the selection available.  Efren even gave a short demonstration on the rug loom he has set up in the store.

When we arrived at the campground in Pescadero Bobby, the owner, was there watering the newly planted palms and was very happy to see us.  Within a couple of hours everyone was on the beach and some in the water.  The surf was not too intense and we got in a couple of good runs with the Boogey Board.  Later Bobby joined us at Happy Hour and shared some of his experiences and thoughts about Baja after 14 years as a resident, he is an interesting and colourful guy for sure!

The next day we were off to La Paz that included a stop in Todos Santos and lunch at George’s Taco Stand which we host.  We had great parking for everyone which makes our visit so much easier, the little town was just waking up and everyone enjoyed the walkabout and visit to the many shops including the iconic Hotel California.

Basket Weaver in Todos Santos

The rest of our travels to La Paz were uneventful until we made the turn at Home Depot towards our RV Park, Campestre Maranatha.  Only 4 of us made the light, which is not unusual, however we were stopped by another light just around the corner and we are connected by radios.  Suddenly we hear from the back that a Motorcycle Cop is telling the last 2 rigs to pull over as they went through a red light.  I told everyone to be calm and head for the Wallmart parking lot to sort things out.  Once we all gathered and talked to everyone I determined no one had done anything wrong and this Policeman was just looking for some easy money from some Gringo Turistas.  I diplomatically, but passionately, told him he was mistaken, asked him to call his Captain, then requested his name and badge number, plus I took a photo of him.  Although he did pull out the cuffs, in the end he warned us not to do it again and left empty handed.

La Paz means the Peace right?

Our excursion later into La Paz was much calmer however very enjoyable that included a visit to Ibarra’s Pottery and our favorite Hot Dog & Hamburger Stand.

Today we are off for an extended excursion to the downtown core of old La Paz that will include the Juarez Public Market, the historic Catherdral and we finish with a dinner at the Los Magueyes Restaurant, good Mexican food, at an reasonable price and a wonderful ambiance to boot, what could be better?



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