Day 23-Cabo San Lucas

Vagabundos Restaurant is always worth the wait!

November 25, 2011 – Well we made it to the bottom and after a couple of peaceful cool night in Rancho Verde, what a change! Everyone is really warm now, around 28C by 4 pm.  After a big shop at COSTCO we headed to Vagabundos to set up for the next few days then off to La Europea to taste some fine Tequilla and Walmart for a few last items. Peter & Joe put on a great American Thanksgiving Dinner spread at the Vagabundos Restaurant, the gang were really impressed, they have a superb chef.

You don't catch these at home!

Today we are off for a tour around Cabo, including a photo op from the Mona Lisa Restaurant, a visit to the Glass Blown Factory, a walking tour of the inner harbor and much more. On Saturday we will do a tour of San Jose de Cabo, then Sunday we will hit the beach for some snorkeling and after watch the Grey Cup back at the RV Park, Go Lions Go!  At some point we will have our Happy Hour at the “Office”, what a life eh!


Catavina boulder fields Ciudad-Constitucion Ensenada La Ventana Los Cerritos El Requeson Bedtime-for-vultures-in-Juncalito Recycle-at-Camp-Archelon-Bahia De Los Angeles Tight-Squeeze-Mex-1