Day 23 – Mulege

January 26, 2012 – Well we pulled into the Hotel Serenidad in Mulege yesterday, we often stop prior on Requeson for a picnic lunch however it was very windy with an El Norte in full blow. Once we got sorted out we had a short tour of town for some shopping and look around.  Our usual entrance to town under the bridge was blocked as a very large “A” Class including storage trailer got stuck in town; what was that guy thinking?  Even a Truck/Camper will find it tight in Mulege.

Juncalito is always a favourite!

Today we are off for our tour of the Mulege Prison & Museum, the lighthouse and location of the famous battle of Mulege, the former Loma Linda Hotel and the Mission. We have reservations at Ray’s place tonight and folks are really looking forward to that. Hard to believe we only have 5 days left in this tour.


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