Day 23-Mulege

February 26, 2012 –

Ray's is the best!

We have returned to Mulege and the bus leaves at 10 am for the tour and most folks are having breakfast at the Hotel Serenidad prior to departure.  We had a great dinner at Ray’s last night where both Bruce & Marion and Terri & Rob joined us.  Exciting news from Terri & Rob they have purchased a house at Ray’s with a 40′ pool! WOW!

Stunning sunrise at Juncalito!

The group really enjoyed their time at Juncalito, the waters were quite calm so many were able to enjoy some good kayaking.  Our potluck was excellent with many different dishes to choose from and great carrot cake and flan for dessert, no one is going hungry on this trip for sure. The RVers were quite surprised what with they found on our visit to Puerto Escondido.  They never could imagine such a posh marina could exist in the middle of almost nowhere, lots of surprises on Baja!

Great Parade at Carnaval!

We were able to catch the last day of Carnaval when we arrived in La Paz, the entire group went to the final Parade, what a blast!  The whole town must have turned out, the streets were empty and the Malecon was overflowing.  It was family day at Carnaval and there were lots of children both in the Parade and as spectators.  The kids got to sleep in the next day and did not have to been at school until late morning.



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