DAY 27: Puerto Escondido

Sunrise at Puerto Escondido is simply stunning!

Day 27: Sunrise at Puerto Escondido is simply stunning!

(328 km/201 miles)
We have a longer drive today but well worth it!  we will dry camp in a National Park on the Sea of Cortez at Puerto Escondido , what could be more enjoyable?  We will have access to WiFi, laundry & showers and a mini-super.  We have an optional dinner planned at Porto Bello tonight, our friend Pedro Lopez has an excellent restaurant.

Puerto Escondido is bordered by a large, rugged mountain range called Sierra de la Giganta.  In the main harbour parking lot, there still stands a stone building that was used to house a Generator before the complex was connected to the modern power grid. Puerto Escondido was the site of a planned resort, condominium, hotel, golf course and marina complex. Construction was started in the mid 1980s by a French investing group that partnered with the Mexican government and to date only the Marina complex has been completed.

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