DAY 31-32: Mulege


Day 36-38: Mulege

Day 31-32: Hotel Serenidad, Mulege

(41 km/25 miles)
Today we have a very short drive to Mulege, yet another date palm oasis.  The name Mulege is derived from the Cochimi language meaning “Large ravine of the white mouth.”  In 1705 a mission was established which they christened Santa Rosalia de Mulege.  The beautiful stone building that replaced the original still stands overlooking the river.  Our dogs Jitterbug  and Lulu  both came from Mulege.  Jitterbug was rescued from the Mulege garbage dump and we adopted Lulu from the Hotel Serenidad  parking lot.

Our time in Mulege includes an extensive hosted on-tour excursion of town including a trip to the Mission, the famous Prison, a walk about town and shopping in a vast array of fabulous shops.  There is a good laundromat in town that will do your laundry during our visit.  Depending on what day of the week we are there we have some very good eating out choices including the Hotel Serenidad which is famous for their Saturday Night Pig Roast and has been a tradition for over 30 years.  The evening includes one margarita, roast pork dinner, and entertainment for about $16 US per person (if you choose), this is a fabulous evening!  Another dinner suggestion is Chinese on Sundays.  It is the best Chinese food we have ever eaten!


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