Day 36 – Mulege, BCS

George enjoys this!

December 8, 2012 – We arrived Friday morning from Playa Santispac less than 30 km away and quickly settled into the RV Park at Hotel Serenidad in Mulege, it is great to be back we love this hotel and Mulege.

Ray is a great host!

Last evening we headed out to the “Hacienda de la Habana” aka Ray’s Place for dinner that included a stop and at our friends Rob & Terry who have purchased a house at the Ranch.  Ray and his new gal Pamela very graciously hosted our gang at his private house!  Unfortunately the Restaurant was damaged and undergoing repairs and some renovations as a result of the recent hurricane however it will be up and running better than ever in January!  Everyone had a wonderful time, great meal and really enjoyed the experience of meeting Ray.  As an extra bonus we got the van temporarily stuck on the way out so we had some pushing to do as well, in the end all was good and we made it back to the Hotel Sererindad safe and sound.  This evening everyone is really forward to the Pig Roast here at the Serenidad and meeting Don & Nancy Johnson, truly Baja legends.

Everyone enjoyed Bobby and the La Pasadita experience

The last 10 days have been a whirlwind of activity for sure.  Following Los Cabos we headed to Pescadero and 3 nights at Las Palmas Tropicales Campground operated by our friends Bobby & Wendy Cain.  Our stop beforehand at Efren’s Blanket Factory will not soon be forgotten, these RVers knew good quality made blankets and other products when they saw them!  It is all about the tread count!  In Pescadero we enjoyed some cooler evening, beautiful sunsets, deserted beaches and quiet nights!  Folks did wonder at first where we were going when we turned off highway 19 into the farmland but before you knew it we were settled in and seaside, some even saw some whales breaching beyond the surf.  The gang enjoyed our tour of Todos Santos which included the fabled Hotel Calfornia, lunch at George’s Taco Stand and a visit to Casa Bentley and of course a little shopping.  We also made time to have dinner with Bobby at La Pasadita in Pesadero, their selection may be very basic but the food is awesome.

Clam Chowder anyone?

After Pescadero our next stop was La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, this was certainly an electrifying experience!  Lots to see and do during the day and no lack of rival music at Campestre Maranathain the evening.  We spent the weekend there and so the city was very busy, a good chance to experience the hubbub of Mexican life up close and personal.

Spectacular sunrise at Puerto Escondido!

Our visit to the La Paz Malecon, Public Market, Ibarra’s Pottery and La Paz Panteon made for good photos, great memories and a couple of shopping opportunities.  After La Paz we were scheduled to spend 4 days at Playa Juncalito, however Hurricane Paul, which struck mid-Baja in October, changed our plans.  Unfortunately Juncalito will no longer work for our tours, the beach was badly damaged, as was the road in and the entrance is now very problematic particularly for larger rigs.  Fortunately we were able find a suitable replacement in Puerto Escondido, at least for one night that included dinner at Porto Bello, Pedro Lopez’s restaurant located at the facility.

Shopping at Santispac is always fun!

This worked well then we spent the next 3 days back on the beach at Playa Santispac and had a great time, the fire provided by our friends Bruce & Marian were wonderful!

Only 10 days left on tour and our Baja adventure continues, today we start with laundry!



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