Day 7 – San Ignacio, BCS

We are having fun tonight!

November 9th, 2011- Hola everyone, we are well on our way to a great tour, good group and lots of fun!  The road construction after Maneadero was very doable, a little muddy because of the rain, nothing to fret about.  Take it slow, this will be great when complete.  The highway work prior to  Catavina is substantially complete, a nice change from the old road surface. The road construction around Pedregroso, although still in progress, is still better then the old crappy roadway, just take it easy.  The 10km of road construction after the Military Checkpoint prior to Jesus Maria, has a bit of a twist. You are directed off the highway onto a parallel or lateral detour unpaved construction road.  However this appears to be for Gringos only as everyone else continues on the one remaining paved lane of the old highway and simply pull off to the shoulder on the left when oncoming traffic approaches.  We assume this has happened since  no work (or workers) appear to be anywhere to be seen and no work is happening on this section.

Everyone is looking forward to some beach time at Santispac and a cold beer at Anna’s.  Big day tomorrow as the group sees the sea of Cortez for the first time. Baja is calling and we continue on!


Mulege River San Ignacio La Ventana La Ventana El Requeson - Bahia Concepcion El Requeson Dollar-Store-on-Wheels Mexican-signage Out-in-the-desert