Day 8-Loreto: Wow is it Hot!

March 16, 2011 – We arrived in Loreto this morning and it has really heated up, 32c by noon.  We had a great lunch at the Giggling Dolphin, Ubaldo was a great friendly host as always.  We had a great walkabout the town square and shopping row, I finally found a couple of Dias de la Muerto bumper stickers for our Weekender.  Our time at Santispac was very enjoyable until Lisa stepped on a stingray, ouch!  A couple of antihistamines, a tourniquet below her knee and some really hot water and she recovered within an hour, they sure do hurt though.  We have made our reservations at Isla’s for our Fiesta Dinner and we are set to drive up to Mission San Javier tomorrow, I always look forward to the drive, folks are always awestruck with this important Jesuit Mission when they first arrive. Another great group of Baja Amigos!


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