Happy Campers

So for those of you out there considering to check out the Baja California experience it would be our opinion you've come to right place . We are 2/3 the way through our trip and can honestly say it's been more than we anticipated . Dan and Lisa, our Wagon-Masters know Baja in every way . They have developed a program that is comprehensive in its knowledge of what is important to see and know about Baja and yet still giving time for individuals to do their own thing.

Our group , of 5 units including Wagon-Masters, is a great size ,and enables all to get to know each other in a relatively short time. Friendships are made that will last many years in the future. We are soon breaking away from the group and will spend the next 8 weeks on our own before joining another group heading north to the border. Tonight we head to a restaurant for dinner, hosted by Dan and Lisa. We cannot express enough as to how rounded we believe the program is that they have developed. We know our paths will cross again , and look forward to that happening.  

Sincerely Guy & Glenda Chalmers

Guy & Glenda Chalmers - Lantzville, BC 2017

We have always wanted to explore the Baja in our RV.  Alf would have gone by himself, but I was the  apprehensive one, so joining a caravan sounded perfect.  I meet Dan a few years ago on a wine tour where he mentioned the Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours.  Our interested were peaked & we signed up.  We love traveling in our RV & we love Mexico so this seemed like a perfect trip. 

We planned and prepped for this trip and we're excited to finally go.  We meet the rest of our group at the campsite.  We were promised fun and adventure and we got both. The 28 planning book and Map were great. The roads very rough especially in the north but still exciting.  But the roads were better than we expected.  Our wagon masters, Jim & Deb did a excellent job of guiding us and informing us. We saw wonderful sites, made life long friends. We really enjoyed our tour.  I'm not sure what we expected but this tour exceeded it did sure.  We loved the size of the caravan, not to big, perfect size.
Loved boon docking in the beaches.  We would love to go back and now feel safe to maybe try the adventure on our own.  I'd love to go back to Los barriles, probably one of favorite campsites. Traveling with a caravan gives you a 'taste of Mexico'. All in all it was a great trip.  A great adventure,with great team members & Wagon Masters.

Alf & Barb Kolkman - Chilliwack, BC 2017

Fun … Adventure… You Bet!

My wife and I and our 4 legged companion had the pleasure of joining Dan & Lisa on their 28 Day Baja Tour recently.  We are so pleased we selected Baja Amigos over any other tour operator!

Their knowledge and years of experience traveling down the Baja certainly made a huge difference in providing their guests with a superb tour itinerary.  Their pre-trip package was extremely helpful, especially when selecting a reputable company for Mexican Auto Insurance and much more.

Traveling in a smaller group and having their personal tour van along the way for our excursions was excellent.  No need for a tow vehicle with Baja Amigos!  Dan & Lisa made everyone feel comfortable from day one, doing their utmost the entire trip to make everyone’s holiday as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Their tour books provided were a great addition to the tour as well, showing a detailed history of each place we visited along the way, our daily trip planner and more.

They promised fun and adventure along the way and they did not disappoint! I would recommend Baja Amigos to anyone wishing to travel the Baja for the first time.  A stress free, relaxed way to travel and a great way to meet fellow travelers of the same interest as well.

Great job Dan & Lisa!

Robert & Carrie Tellier -  Parksville, BC 2017
GR8 Travel Tips

We have been on Baja before but decided to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on a Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour. We made the right decision! From the Mulege Hotel Serenidad to the Baja Sunrise RV Park in Los Barriles and then our time on the beaches it was all wonderful.

For driving Baja the Walkie Talkies were simply the best and we cannot say enough about the Tour Book that Dan & Lisa have created is superb. Who knew after meeting them years ago at El Requeson and La Perla that we would be lucky enough to be on one of their tours years later.

Patrick & Stephanie Davis - Calgary, AB 2017

Dan & Lisa promised "Fun" and "Adventure", they delivered! We loved the whale watching and beach stays, some of the roads not so much but at the end of the day we would not change a thing. Our "Soccer Field" stop was truly an adventure and our "Happy Hour" in Los Barriles was as fun as it gets!

Baja Amigos do a great job from the pre-trip information package to delivering the tour, thoughtfully planned out. Every location had something different to offer.

Larry & Sharon Taverner - Sechelt, BC 2017

My RV tour with Baja Amigos was far better than I could ever imagine. The excursions were great I only missed one on the entire tour. The drop off option was excellent as I was able to extend my stay an additional two months in Los Barriles.

I must say my expectations were met 10 times over! Dan & Lisa were the best ever Wagon-Masters, they were so knowledgeable and helpful, as was the Pre-trip Information package.

What a great way to spend the winter, thank you Baja Amigos!

Tim Lubeck - Walnut Creek, CA 2017

We will well prepared and ready for the conditions we met. The Pre-Trip Information Package showed that nothing beats experience and wise words. The Wagon-Masters brought their own style of leadership and problem solving, they promised fun and adventure and delivered.

The dry camping was excellent!! Road and highway conditions what we expected, driving in construction sometimes challenging but we were ready for it. We really like the short days and slower speeds. The Baja Amigos guide book was great and excursions clearly thought out. For us we learned a lot about Baja and Mexico, a terrific tour overall, this absolutely exceeded our expectations.

We look forward to returning one day and will head straight for the beaches and small towns. Thank you Jim & Deb for taking good care of us.

Don Leuchs & Pam Parrott - Lebanon, ME 2017

Right from the beginning Baja Amigos provided us with all the information we needed to pack and prepare for our Baja adventure. Our Wagon-Masters (Larry & Janet) were beyond excellent, they took care of our every possible need including guiding us through road construction. We enjoyed our beach time the most and found both the driving times and distances nothing short of excellent.

We really had a great group of people led by wonderful Wagon-Masters, our expectations were met by the tour and exceeded by our leaders. We also cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed the Mexican people. Our highlights included experiencing the Grey Whales and Whale Sharks up close and personal. The Baja Amigos tour book is great, a real keeper. Baja Amigos have chosen fabulous Wagon-Masters, we could not ask for more knowledgeable couple who bent over backwards for everyone, always happy and fun.

We could easily return to Baja on our own and are happy to refer other to Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, thank you for everything.

Jack & Bernice French - Red Deer, AB 2017

We really enjoyed our Baja Amigos tour with Larry & Janet. Baja Amigos is lucky to have them as Wagon-Masters! Larry & Janet were so much fun, always positive and bent over backwards to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy with the Caravan experience. For us the highlight was dry camping on the beaches at Playa Santispak, Playa Tecolote and Bahia de Los Angeles.

As expected the roads varied from anywhere between good and poor. We found the time set out for driving good as well as the driving distances. The excursions planned by Baja Amigos were excellent as was the overall tour experience. This Baja tour definitely exceeded our expectations.

Now we feel very comfortable returning to Baja on our own and happily refer other RVers to Baja Amigos for their first trip into Mexico. Thank you Larry & Janet and Baja Amigos.

Rob & Charese Smitson - Norman, OK 2017

For any RV'er looking for something different from camping at the same old spot, this tour is the answer. Dan & Lisa's extensive knowledge of Baja combined with their extremely well organized tour enables them to show all the many sights of the Baja. The town highlights include fantastic beach camping, whale watching and shopping in interesting Mexican towns and time for you to do your own exploring. We also enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and many Happy Hour discussions.

A truly fantastic tour run by Dan & Lisa who personally care and are involved in ensuring all enjoy the tour.

Well done you two!

Bob & Debbie Steele-Edmonton, AB 2017
Habcon Management Ltd.

Since cutting ourselves some freedom from the everyday work routine, we planned a bucket list for travel with one being a trip down the Baja peninsula.  We checked out several RV Caravan companies and decided that "Baja Amigos" filled our requirements quite nicely.  We wanted to travel in a smaller group, no more than 10 rigs.  Arrangements made, we set off to meet our wagon masters and fellow inspired travellers near the US/Mexico border.  From our first introductory meeting, the "fun and adventure" started.  According to Dan and Lisa, those are two separate words as we were to discover!  Roads were good, roads were bad, some were downright ugly!  That gave us the sense of adventure as we rumbled along, hand held walkie talkies in hand.  Thanks Lisa for all the road reports that eased a few rough spots.  The beaches, the sunsets, the whale watching tour all offered us a vast array of experiencing the beautiful Baja coastline.  Dan's knowledge of the Baja areas helped us navigate everything from restaurants, bank machines and local history.  We saw places that we would have never otherwise ventured on our own. The new friends we met will be dear to our hearts always as they helped us create memories that we will never forget. We will continue to relive our experience every time someone asks "have you ever traveled the Baja?" 

John & Judy Hooyenga - Chilliwack, BC 2017

We found Jim & Deb (Wagon Masters & Guides) worked hard to please everyone, always a challenging task. We experienced a wide diversity of campgrounds and locations. Generally the highway was better in the south than the north, hopefully the ongoing construction projects will improve the situation.

We really like the Sea of Cortez, particularly Bahia de Los Angeles. We also thoroughly enjoyed the arts & crafts atmosphere of Todos Santos. We are definitely happy with all that we have seen and learned about Baja and we will refer others to Baja Amigos.

Theo & Lorna Hoekstra - Lake Country, BC 2017

Jim & Deb were great hosts and Wagon Masters, certainly personable and steady. The RV Parks and Campgrounds are good enough, considering it is Mexico and we really enjoyed the boon docking.

We really liked the security of the Caravan and advance bookings of Campgrounds. We did appreciate being in a smaller group, we normally do not travel in Caravans. Bahia de Los Angeles, Playa Santispac and Playa Tecolote were certainly some of our favourite stops. Our expectations were met, please do not change anything!

We are quite happy and satisfied with our Baja Amigos experience . VIVA Mexico!

David & Margitta Rehler - Sand Springs, OK 2017

For us this tour was an 11 out of 10! Baja Amigos left no false illusions from the beginning and emphasised trip pre-preparation which was so important. This was nothing short of a spectacular trip. Dan & Lisa are simply the best with a down to earth attitude and wealth of knowledge which made this trip amazing. From seeing the Whale Shark at Playa Santispac, shopping at the Blanket Factory to our excursion to San Javier and everything in-between this was a fabulous experience.

Camping at Playa Santispac, Playa Tecolote, Bahia de Los Angeles, La Paz, El Requeson and Rancho Verde were highlights for us and we are already planning to return. We found the excursions helped the group to bond, and this was a great way to see so many sites. Our expectations were totally exceeded and we are so grateful for all your efforts, thank you.

Chuck Webb & Christina MacDonald – Abbotsford, BC Fall 2016

This was our excellent Baja Adventure! Dan & Lisa exceeded our expectations with their super organized tour including terrific excursions to so many different places. We loved dry camping on the beaches particularly Playa Santispac. From the Pre-Trip Info Package to the fabulous weather we could not asked for anything better. Baja Amigos set out the perfect driving distances and travel times, please do not change anything. We are grateful for the experience and highly recommend Baja Amigos to anyone looking to take their RV on Baja for the first time.

Wayne & Anke Doughty – Chilliwack, BC Fall 2016

We enjoyed the beach camping the most and Dan & Lisa’s passion for Baja, it was easy to see that their heart and soul was in every stage of the tour. We do not hesitate to recommend Baja Amigos for those wanting to see what Baja has to offer as an RVer. Big thanks to the Goys for a job well done.

Robert & Corine Taylor – West Kelowna, BC Fall 2016

For me Baja was always on my “Bucket List” and I chose wisely when I picked Baja Amigos. The overall experience was excellent, including the excursions and dry camping on the beach. I would not hesitate returning on my own and do not hesitate recommending Baja Amigos to anyone wanting to visit Baja for the first time in their RV. Good job Dan & Lisa.

David Berzins Sr. - Red Deer, AB Fall 2016

Dan & Lisa have an amazing amount of knowledge, unbelievable patience and organizational skills 2nd to none, all of which made the a great tour of Baja. Our expectations were definitely exceeded and we had an awesome time, what an experience, we will be back for sure.

We really liked the beaches, who wouldn’t? Loreto, Los Barilles and Todos Santos were all terrific, so much to see. Dan & Lisa are great people and we made so many new friends, this was simply an amazing trip. Thank you guys for so much hard work, it shows. Now we are all Baja Amigos!

Dave & Deanna Read – Osoyoos, BC Fall 2016

Baja Amigos 38 Day Tour Endorsement Extraordinaire!
Travelling with Baja Amigos has provided us with a truly unique opportunity to experience Baja Mexico and to develop an appreciation of its people, culture, economy and geographic diversity.

This opportunity exists because Dan and Lisa:
• have spent years creating and perfecting just the right mix of travel time, destination locations, excursions and relaxation times.
• have created incredible preparation material which is invaluable as you provision for the adventure, something we had never done before.
• run the wagon train adventure with fun, humour, and many opportunities to develop friendships with fellow travellers on the road, all with due regard to safety and security.
• are people of true integrity in all that they say and do, as evidenced by the deep relationships they have with community members wherever we stopped.

All of their qualities make for the very best experience you will ever have.
Dan and Lisa are THE consummate Wagon Masters!

Paul Braconnier & Sonya Buys - Sherwood Park, AB Fall 2016

“Wow, who ever thought Baja was flat and only desert were wrong, the mountains were stunning and beautiful. We loved camping on the beaches and every aspect of the tour, hence our expectations were totally exceeded. The Mexicans were great, so happy and helpful, glad to see us and for taking the time to talk to them. Dom & Diane worked hard to make sure everyone was good despite their own mechanical challenges. Hard to beat the tour Baja Amigos put together we recommended them to anyone in seeing Baja for the first time.”

Jack & Cathy Morris - Kansas City, KS 2016

“Our Wagon Masters, Dom & Diane, really knew their stuff and always ready to answer questions. Sometimes the roads are narrow, with lots of potholes, the RV Parks not great and way too many Topes (speed bumps) but it is Mexico. We are glad we went although unlikely to return, Baja was on our Bucket List and we knew this would not be a breeze. If you looking at Baja we think Baja Amigos is the RV Caravan Tour to take.”

Pat & Ann Silva - Oro Valley, AZ 2016

“The Baja roads were much better then what we had expected and camping on Playa Tecolote and Playa Santispac were awesome. The time set out for driving and the driving distances each day were very good and we were pleased with the overall tour. We are now comfortable retuning on our own to Baja with our RV thanks to Baja Amigos.”

Keith & Sheila Birkhofer - Winlock, WA 2016

“Our expectations were definitely exceeded, both the beauty of Baja and our Wagon Masters, Dom & Diane. We enjoyed our time on the beaches and in the water with the kayak, paddleboard and swimming. Our group was terrific; we have made new friendships that will endure for years to come. We are happy to refer others to Baja Amigos and if you are lucky you will have Dom & Diane as the Wagon Masters and guides.”

Simonne Beck & Judy McLeay - Las Vegas, Nevada 2016

“Joe & Linda were great Wagon Masters, flexible and good at thinking on their feet. They went out of their way on more than one occasion to make sure we were having a good time. We enjoyed the camaraderie and the group we were with have become good friends. We really liked the Cabo San Lucas area, lots a great swimming beaches and places to explore. We are happy to refer others to Baja Amigos.”

Glen & Marilyn Schierer - Prince George, BC 2016

“Our Wagon-Masters were amazing, the people we travelled with were wonderful, we saw so many new things, in short we had a fabulous time. Whale watching at Guerrero Negro was simply fantastic, truly a wonder of the world. We really enjoyed our stays at Playa Tecolote, Playa Santispac and Bahia de Los Angeles as well as Loreto and Mulege. We are very prepared to return on our own and are pleased to refer other nervous campers to Baja Amigos.”

Reimar & Lorraine Poth - Red Deer, Alberta 2016

“We really enjoyed our Baja tour. Our experienced Wagon Masters, were wonderful, very accommodating and brought lots of special extras to the tour. This tour exceeded our expectations and touched on every aspect of Mexico you could might expect. There is nothing we would have changed, it was all good, particularly our Beach time.”

Jack Wilmot & Wenda Smith-Wilmot - Leduc, Aberta 2016

“This was the first time we had ever joined an RV Caravan tour. Dom & Diane and our group we travelled with made this a very enjoyable trip. We had no idea what to expect so we really enjoyed the diversity of experiences. We feel very comfortable now returning on our own and particularly liked Loreto and Los Cerritos on the Pacific. We are pleased to refer others to Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours.”

Rich & Shari Clark - Surrey, BC 2016

“As serious RVer’s for the last 20 years this was one of the best touring holiday vacations we have ever had. Dom & Diane were great hosts and tour leaders. We really enjoyed our time on the beaches. Some of the roads were not that great but our expectations were none the less exceeded. Thank you Baja Amigos for an excellent tour of Baja!”

Dan & Mary Hanson - Langley, BC 2016

“For us this was a fantastic experience that we would have never done on our own. The scenery and whales were stunning, every stop had something to offer and it was great that we could drop off in the fall and pick back up in January. We are happy to recommend Baja Amigos to anyone considering RVing on Baja.”

Allan Cameron & Debbie Keohone -Kilmarnock, Scotland 2016

We have traveled to many destinations around the world and were still wowed with Baja, Mexico. Really loved the beaches and Mexicans are such wonderful people.

The best way to describe Baja is spectacular, the stunning scenery and marine life was incredible. We were on the 38 Day tour and really enjoyed our longer stays in so many different locations.

Dan & Lisa operate a great tour with the right amount of excursions to places we would likely never found had we been on our own. Some of the road was not that great and the campgrounds were often very basic, but Baja still exceeded our expectations thanks to Baja Amigos.

Jim & Debbie Harris - West Kewlona, BC 2016
Uncorked Okanagan

This was our second trip to Baja with Baja Amigos. We had such a good time with Dom and Diane the Wagon Masters we had to go again. This is one of those trips of a lifetime experience. If you have considered Baja as a destination this is the way to do it. Great companionship and the security of a group.

I'm sure this won't be our last trip to Baja.
Linda & Mike Ewin

Linda & Mike Ewin - Auburn, CA 2016

Hi Dan & Lisa,

The Baja trip was one of our most enjoyable RV trips (if not the most). We were initially hesitant as we have never been on a group tour before.

Dom and Diane were so fantastic; such a professional, competent and caring couple to lead our group. We were excited to get up and go each morning.
Everything was always organized and the highlights planned so well that each day was truly fun!

From the stunning mountain vistas, to the serene sunsets on the beaches, we loved Mexico. The people were warm and friendly, the food, shopping and festivities beyond compare. Our adventure on the Baja frontier was definitely awesome!

Thank you for operating this tour. We will continue to, and have already recommended it to many friends.

Sincerely ,
Robert & Jane Lemieux

Robert & Jane Lemieux - High River, Alberta 2016

Our November 2015 Baja Amigos tour was such a success that we will return and stay longer. Dan and Lisa know this region and have found a way to visit the best highlights offered. Their knowledge of the history and the people of the region gives you a true representation. From meeting Mexican people to meeting Canadians and US citizens that have chosen to spend their retirement, and in a few causes live permanently, you learn what the Mexico Baja has to offer. Travel opportunities for both very active people and ones who need or like to be quieter are offered. You will not get bored! Dan's explanation of the weather and it's affects help you plan for your next visit.

Ken & Kathi Mitchell - Hillsboro, Texas 2015

Travelling Mexico? Don't be afraid!

Well, I have the answer if you want to motorhome the Baja. Last November, myself, 7 other rigs, and wagon masters/ owners of Baja Amigos, Dan and Lisa Goy, crossed the border at Tecate. All the paperwork was done with us by both Dan and Lisa and the friendly border guards, and we embarked on a ‘wagon train’ 38 day tour. Some rv sites serviced and some boon docking. Tours and historic sites visits included. Food shopping/gas stops/ propane stops /sani dumps were well timed. The Guide book created by Dan and Lisa, now is a major addition to my library of rv travel. It could not be explained in a better or more detailed way. The beauty of it is you can drop off one tour to stay in a ‘favoured’ place and pick up the next tour to take you back to the border! (I dropped off in La Paz and took the ferry to Mazatlan) An adventure to be sure.

Taking the tour has great advantages making the trip ‘fearless’ Baja Amigos is limited to 8 rigs, including Wagon-Masters, being able to get into smaller sites and beaches. Travelling, we don’t lose each other as it is an organised order of rigs, walky talkies to communicate the traffic flow, construction on the road and passing cars etc. Just remember to keep the darn thing charged.J

I have made long term friends, one of which I am visiting in the BC Gulf Islands in August.

I LOVE RVING!!!! And thank-you Dan and Lisa for making the Baja so much easier.

Ferne (aka in Mexico Fernanda)

Ferne Northcott - Surrey, BC 2014

We were part of the Baja Amigos January 2015 RV caravan down the Baja Peninsula that was led by Dan and Lisa Goy. Dan promised us fun and adventure and delivered on both. Great scenery, great people, beach camping on three occasions, lots of time to sightsee as well as time to socialize and get to know our fellow campers. A combination log book and guide book provided by Baja Amigos meant we could learn about the history and culture of this part of Mexico and keep track of our travels to share our memories when we got home.

The roads take some getting used to but with Dan and Lisa's guidance and two-way radio communication we all did just fine. The trip exceeded our expectations and we can't say enough about how much we enjoyed ourselves. We highly recommend it to anyone - whether its your first time to Mexico, as it was for us, or if its an experience you wish to repeat again and again.

Thanks Dan and Lisa and Baja Amigos.

Mike & Judy Benson - Regina, Saskatchewan 2015

When we talk and reminisce our trip, we usually come up with the same conclusion: We enjoyed it because of all the ground work you guys have done in the past. We REALLY DO appreciate that fact. It is pretty easy to get into a van and say you are going to show us the way to a destination, but a very different situation when you have a guided tour to pass on. And that is what we appreciated, the planning of the route (including the radios), the knowledge of the past & present, the people who are willing to share with the caravan participants, the shops & restaurants; well, everything you do! And do it well.


Very Gratefully,

Les & Anne Holm - Bonnyville, AB 2015

We were participants in the Baja Amigos RV Caravan 28 day tour March 10 to April 8, 2015. We made the trip in a 35 foot Class A motor home. Of our small group, Class A’s, Class C’s and travel trailers were all well represented – all with specific and different pros and cons for the trip. The trip is suitable for almost any RV with the possible exception of a “mega size” RV. We share the driving which really helps out especially on those long drives or shorter more stressful drives.

The tour intent is to provide participants with an introduction to RV travel into Baja Mexico. It is geared for the “first timer”. To that end, it was very successful! The trip was very much “as advertised”, very well planned and professionally guided. We are very pleased with the experience and memories that will be with us for a life time. We were joined by another couple from Yakima and that was a real plus for us. I am convinced that for years to come the four of us will enjoy revisiting these experiences over “sundowners” during a future RV adventure.

Every day was an adventure and every day we created new and special memories but if we were asked what the highlights were for us we would quickly reply the whales in Guerrero Negro and beach camping.

Will we go again and on our own? The vote is a split.
Have fun & enjoy

Tim & Kathy Powell - Yakima, WA 2015


It wasn't on our bucket list, but it should have been. "Fun and Adventure" were to be the watchwords of this tour, along the way there was a great variety of things to see and do. We have travelled to many different places, these experiences did not prepare one for the breadth, depth, magnificence and sheer extent of this tour. The ever changing landscapes; boulder fields , boulder mountains, winding mountain roads, gently rolling valleys with meandering roads, deserts, sandy beaches, forests of cacti, birds(vultures, pelicans, sea gulls, osprey and the caracara), flowers and those spectacular sunsets and sunrises on the Baja. To say the least you experience the real Mexico, its peoples and food.

Their many excursions were well planned and executed. Though these excursions are optional one would be wise to attend as they capture the history and culture of the land. The most memorable were the whale watching,(kissing by some) at Guerrero Negro and the ride to the Mission(Dan's an excellent driver). You could "boogie board" or kayak on the many beaches where we "boon docked" or you could sit back, relax and sip a cool one. Events hosted(by Lisa and Dan), hot dog roasts, potlucks and dinners as well as the optional dinners or brunches served to bring the group together. Driving the Baja is a challenge as well as an adventure with narrow roads, roads in need of repair as well as very little room past the white line, the driving instructions (for passing vehicles etc) given by Dan and the ever constant radio communications of oncoming traffic (so that vehicles passing the convoy may do so safely) by Lisa made the journey safe and secure. Every day was an adventure packed with fun, coupled with an either an excursion or get together. Our travelling days consisted mainly of rising early, coffee and breakfast, body breaks (for the humans and dogs) during the days drive and then settling in early for the evening. Judiciously placed throughout the tour are "rest days". These rest days maybe at a sandy beaches such as Playa Santispic, Playa Tecolete or Bahia de Los Angeles on the Baja or at places such as Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, La Paz or Mulege. You will enjoy, as we did, the beaches with their spectacular vistas, sunsets and sunrises (you have to get up early). Dan's always up early.

As an RV traveler on the Baja one should avoid making comparisons with "like circumstances or conditions you would find elsewhere". Showers (if you have them) may be hot and maybe not and toilets with the ever present paper bucket, well just remember to follow the Wagon masters words of wisdom. It's not like home! Dan and Lisa have an in depth knowledge of the history, politics, geology, flora and fauna of the Baja. Listen carefully. The tour is well organized, Dan and Lisa will take good care. You will not be disappointed. At our meeting prior to departing for our wild and wonderful journey Dan reminded us that this would be both an adventure as well as a fun filled trip. It certainly was, thanks Dan and Lisa for your time and exceptional efforts. You guys did a great job. I would also like to commend our fellow travelers; vehicles 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Sylvia (Lisa’s Mom), for their friendship and camaraderie throughout this journey. Take the drive, get your number, you will not regret taking this journey on the Baja.

Gracias por los recuerdos y buenos momentos!

Bob & Annie Westfall - Coquitlam, BC 2015

This past February I accompanied some fellow RVers to the tip of the Baja Peninsula and back and it would be difficult, in a few words, to give the accolades that the Baja Amigos tour provides. The trip was a contrast of extremes, mainly enjoyable but also disappointing. Enjoyable in the well-organized fast-paced way that it is conducted by very knowledgeable people yet sometimes disappointing in the stark contrasts that are Mexico.

It was great getting to know and mingle with others on the tour and we were given the opportunity to experience the Mexican culture first hand, to rub shoulders with its very friendly people, marvel in the majesty of its geography, (ah, the beaches) and visit many of the monuments of its recent history.

I still have many places to visit abroad so I may not go back, but the experience will be well remembered.

Bravo Zulu Dan and Lisa, Dom and Diane.

Dennis Moore - Edmonton, AB 2015

Dan and Lisa Goy draw on their 30 years of travel in and love for the Baja. They combine this with their positive, friendly, thoughtful and cheerful style of tour leadership. They have orchestrated a fascinating, anxiety- free way for the RV traveller to enjoy this spectacularly beautiful province of Mexico.

The tour has been conceived and is executed with excellent attention to detail, always aware of the travellers' safety, comfort and expectations. The trip includes unique experiences such as petting the grey whales in Scammon's Lagoon and SUP boarding on the Bahia Concepcione. Their local knowledge proves invaluable when choosing restaurants , shopping venues and out of the way fascinating places.

Obviously some things are beyond their control. These include the often inadequate electricity supply and the poor state of the roads in places which can take a toll on one's vehicle! The Goy's Baja Amigos caravan tour combines camaraderie, fun and adventure while exploring this unique and beautiful peninsula.

John & Morag Atherstone - Parksville, BC 2015

When our friends and In-laws suggested that we do a 28 day Caravan Tour of the Baja in Mexico we were a bit hesitant as our RVing experience was limited to a two week trip in a rented RV over 20 years ago. We decided that with the help of our friends, experienced RVers and Baja Amigos we would enjoy fun and adventure on the Baja.

We rented a small motorhome in California and set out with the 8 other RVers under the guidance of Dan and Lisa, the Baja Amigos. The contrasting views, from the farmland in the north, the boulders and cacti near Catavina, the Date Palm Oasis ,the white sandy beaches, the Sea of Cortez on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, the mountain ranges in between, make for some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Mexico. Restaurants with good home cooked food, cold Pacifico Beer, and Margaritas made the old fashioned way, made us realize that the “All Inclusive Resort” is not the way to see the real Mexico.. We swam with Whale sharks, rubbed the noses of giant Gray Whales, visited Historic sites, and enjoyed campfires on the beach. The roads can be narrow and challenging but with the help of Dan and Lisa we were able to drive the 2000 miles with no incidents. If you want to see spectacular scenery, enjoy warm weather, meet friendly people and just have a great time, put an RV trip of the Baja with Baja Amigos on your bucket list.

Bill & Bev Scott - Vancouver, BC 2015

Sometimes one just gets lucky and everything seems to fall into place. This happened for my wife and I when we were looking through an RV magazine and we spotted an article about driving the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. There were a couple of options offered by a company called Baja Amigos based out of British Columbia and we decided that a 28 day tour would be a good trip as we had never experienced anything like this before. We had to remember that we needed time to get from Alberta to the rendezvous in California and then home again.

We left Alberta in cold snowy weather and finally de-winterized in St George on the Utah border. Our route to Potrero County Park in California the starting point for the caravan, took us to Las Vegas, Yuma then west. Our first full day in Mexico ended up on the beach after a trip to the tourist town of La Bufadora where the ocean has formed a blowhole pushing the water through the rocks in a huge spout. The countryside varies so much on Baja, going from scrub brush, cactus, mountains, valley's and of course beautiful unspoiled beaches.

The great thing about Baja is the variety of experiences available to travellers. We saw km after km of agricultural land where crops such as strawberries, Brussels Sprouts and Lettuce, to name a few are grown under a mesh like fabric. Then the next day we would drive 150kms or so through mountainous terrain where the only thing growing are cacti. We ended up eating at a small cantina at the campground, where we had to take our own dishes and drinks, quite an adventure, the food was simple but delicious. The roads did present some challenges as the idea of shoulders seemed unusual. Every so often we would hit a stretch of great road and as there is only one major highway on Baja, you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.

The weather was great with temperatures in the 35C degrees during the day during the whole trip. As promised, we went whale watching from Guerrero Negro and were fortunate to see lots of whales and their calves, supposed to be over 600 in the lagoon. What an experience to be able to touch theses huge beasts as they are so gentle and seemed to want to show off their calves to the tourists. Every day brought something new and with a mix of full service, not fancy RV parks, to boon docking right on the beach. Baja Amigos arranges various sightseeing tours for the group and one of the highlights of these for my wife and I, was to the San Javier Mission. This is a small village in the mountains near Loreto that has been built around a well preserved Jesuit mission, what an outstanding experience. The following days saw us experiencing more beach camping which with the perfect weather was just great. The sights just kept on unfolding as we made our way to Cabo San Lucas where we spent 2 days snorkeling and sightseeing.

As this was about half way through the tour, we were now heading north along the Pacific Ocean again. The next RV Park boasted a nice swimming pool which was much appreciated. Once again our waggon masters took us to a local Mexican restaurant for an authentic supper, burritos and French Fries WOW. Today was a chance to stock up on supplies at Wal-Mart in La Paz and get prepared to make some more miles. Today some of the group went swimming with the whale sharks whilst others did the tourist thing in La Paz. We also had chance to visit a pottery studio where most of the group splurged on some beautiful Mexican dishes and ornaments.

One of the strangest places we visited was Puerto Escondido where we got to see government inaction at its worst. We got to see a modern fully developed marina that has never been finished to its potential. Hopefully for the local’s sake, the government will get their act together and finish this multi-million dollar development. After a night in the parking lot, we travelled on to Mulege and the Hotel Serenidad which is a fantastic hotel that in its day, hosted the likes of John Wayne and his fishing buddies. As a bonus we were lucky to meet and talk to the original owner and hear some of his anecdotes. We got a chance to visit Mulege and visited the mission, the old prison and other historical sites. Getting further North now and the weather is definitely cooling down. There is more agricultural activity in the area and where there is water, the land is quite fertile. We camped tonight at an RV Park next to a nice Mexican restaurant. The group had a nice meal and of course the odd margarita. Next day we drove to Bahia de Los Angeles which was badly damaged by last year’s hurricane. Fortunately the campground was still livable and the “snowbirds” were still living there. We parked right on the beautiful beach. We went through another police/army checkpoint on the highway but they do a good job and are quite friendly. We went into town to visit the museum which was extremely interesting and well done.

On the last full day on the road we had a chance to visit one of Mexico’s' biggest wineries. We had a nice time tasting a number of different products made at the winery and finished up a fantastic tour on a sweet note. The following day we got to the border about 9:30 am and I think everybody was cleared into the U.S. by noon at the latest.

This was definitely a trip of a life time and all my wife and I can say is a huge thank you to Lisa and Dan for their organisation. I know we would be leery about trying this on our own, but their love of the Baja is so evident, that their enthusiasm can't help rubbing off on tour members. I also want to say what a great group we were lucky to travel with, as the laughs kept coming. We fully recommend Baja Amigos if you are thinking of taking this adventure. As it says in the literature, this is not designed for RV'ers that want all the bells and whistles but that is part of the experience. We always felt safe and in good hands with Lisa and Dan.

Thanks again,
Val and George

George & Val C. - Red Deer, AB 2015

We were on the February, 2015 tour and can’t say enough good things about it. Dan and Lisa have a great thing going! Their knowledge of the Baja and excellent planning made the trip so enjoyable. Two things that really stand out for us were having the radios in our vehicles so we could keep track of the traffic. That was invaluable! And, the excursions. So nice not to drive when we arrived at a location. Dan is a great tour guide, as well as a good driver!

We selected Baja Amigos after comparing their tour with others online. We were surprised to learn that not all tours have Wagonmasters who stay with the group at night. We were not comfortable with that. We enjoyed Dan and Lisa being with part of the gang. If we were to drive the Baja again, it would be with Baja Amigos!

Diane & Bob Campbell - Tualatin, OR 2015

Dan and Lisa,

We just wanted to thank you both for and incredible adventure on the Baja. It was the highlight so far in five years of travel since retirement. The experience far exceeded our expectations as you showed us the entire Baja peninsula and all that it has to offer. Your incredible preparations, as well as, ability to improvise as needed due to circumstances made the trip smooth, fun, and relaxing.

Our memories of the tranquil days on the beach; the authentic Mexican dining, whale watching/petting, campfire nights, and breathtaking scenery will be with us forever. Anyone who wants to really experience Baja must go with Baja Amigos!

Your friends, Roland and Janice

Roland Manbeck & Janice Angers - Leawood, KS 2015

Well, we are just getting home from our much anticipated trip to Baja. We are at once, exhausted and excited! What an adventure! Don’t know how one could possibly have packed more sightseeing of the Baja peninsula into 28 days!

Thanks to our very knowledgeable and congenial hosts and wagon masters, Dan and Lisa Goy, we got to see the fascinating array of beautiful mountains, deserts and seascapes Baja has to offer. As a bonus, Dan and Lisa shared their vast knowledge of the area from the geologic, to the historic, including that of the indigenous populations to the more recent occupation by European settlers and missionaries.

We are convinced that this is undoubtedly the best way for anyone to become acquainted with Baja. Once you have completed this tour you will have the confidence to return to your favorite city, beach or mountain resort. As an added bonus, as part of a caravan tour we had the pleasure befriending the other couples on our tour.
When we began our tour, Dan and Lisa promised two things, fun and adventure. They delivered!!!

Chuck & Lois Greenough - Yakima, Washington 2015

We are delighted to provide a testimonial for Dom and Diane and Baja Amigos. From the first time we met Dom and Diane we were really impressed with their knowledge, leadership skills and importantly, their friendly approach. They were also very flexible when opportunities arose, and worked with the group to keep everyone happy. We loved every minute of our trip, and were disappointed that we had to leave the group a few days early to meet other travel commitments.

Coming from Australia, our knowledge of what to expect ‘south of the border’ was limited to what we had read from other travellers, and negative stories on the news. Travelling in a caravan for us was really reassuring, and definitely took away the stress of the unknown. We had so much fun! We certainly won’t forget the ‘Topes’ and ‘Altos,’ the whale watching, the margaritas and my first kayak experience with Dom! We can really recommend Baja Amigos as providing an excellent way to enjoy Baja in safety and without worries. It has filled us with confidence to travel more in Latin America. In particular, we commend Diane and Dom for their efforts in ensuring we all had an unforgettable few weeks together.
Thank you Baja Amigos!

PS. We really liked the blog too – saved us a lot of time emailing our Aussie friends!!

Christine & Norman Ashley - Canberra, Australia 2015

38 Day Tour - Nov 7, 2014
"Amazing. Unbelievable. Mind-boggling. Spectacular. We could go on and on with such adjectives describing our Baja Tour. We agree unequivocally and whole heartedly with all our Baja Amigos that have travelled before us, or after us, that this Tour is like no other. What you experience will be so much more than you can even imagine!

Many people allow fear of "what might happen" to prevent them from going on such a journey. What if I don't like the food, what if I get sick, what if my vehicle breaks down? Our 2015 Ford Dually did just that. Prior to leaving we had made arrangements to drop off the tour in La Paz for 2 months. So now here we are, having our truck towed to the Ford dealership. Panic??? Nope. The first thing we did was let Dan know what was happening. He went straight to work, contacting people to get us help. The local people were fantastic! They too went to work contacting people who knew people who could help. Amigos from our tour who were wintering in Los Barilles were contacted by another RVer who could help us and passed on the contact to us. Thanks Dave and Darlene!!! Sadly Ford couldn't fix the truck, as they have no expertise with the sensors in the emission system. After having our truck for 12 days, trying everything they could, they returned it to us - at No Charge!! Isn't that amazing???? The Service Manager said 'You will always have a friend here". With careful searching on the internet we found the part we needed, had it shipped to La Paz and fixed the truck ourselves.

Why are we telling you this? Did it delay our departure? Yes. Did it ruin our trip? Absolutely Not. We feel it added to the richness of the experience. And we got to do so much more than we had anticipated! We can truly tell you, from first hand experience, that even the adventure Dan and Lisa promise you is FUN!!! Dan and Lisa Goy are not just RVers and Wagon Masters. They are Ambassadors of the Baja. They truly love the land, the people, the Mexican experience. They promote the local businesses.

Their greatest hope is that you will see the Baja through their eyes, you will love it as they do and go back time and time again. We most surely hope we can! So open your hearts and minds to the Baja and you will have the RV trip of a life time!!

Chris & Dixie Lee - Medicne Hat, AB 2015

Our trip to Baja with Dom and Diane was definitely one of our best vacations. Everything was so well planed we experienced so much of the Baja peninsula. We enjoyed the companionship of the other travelers and had many happy hours and dinners out with all of them. We will defiantly do this again with Baja Amigos even though we learned enough to go on our own.

Happy Travels,
Linda and Mike Ewing

Linda & Mike Ewing - Auburn, CA 2015

“ A great adventure”
We were privileged to spend 28 days on Baja with Dan & Lisa, Mamma Sylvia and 14 other great people. We were promised fun and adventure and that is what we experienced. It was great to have all the travel plans, fuel ups, shopping, body breaks and many excursions planned out for us which meant we could relax and enjoy the trip. We saw and experienced many things that we would have missed had we gone on our own. If you enjoy adventure and variety and don’t mind a little sand in your RV, we would highly recommend Baja Amigos for your visit to Baja.

Very knowledgeable and organized tour guides.

Johnny & Joyce

Johnny & Joyce Wieler - La Crete, AB 2015
Aspen Valley Lumber Ltd./Valley Mats

What a wonderful adventure! Dom and Diane/Baja Amigos planned the details (fuel and grocery stops, campsites, water purchases, etc.) so we could relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, absorb the history, and patronize the shops and restaurants. Especially fun were the excursions where Dom did the driving!

Never did we feel unsafe as we enjoyed the friendliness and respected the work ethics of the Mexican people.

We would never have dreamed we'd eat shrimp tacos from a street vendor, have a tamale for breakfast from a beach vendor, and touch a whale while on a whale watching tour! There were many other "firsts", but watching dolphins dance in the Sea of Cortez as we ate breakfast on the beach will never be forgotten.

Dom and Diane's enthusiasm and knowledge have inspired us to return to the beautiful Baja---the real Baja as seen on our Baja Amigos Tour!

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!

Carl & Kacey Felling - Weston, MO 2015

Our travelling experience to the Baja peninsula was absolutely amazing and we could not have done it without Baja Amigos!

The experience and knowledge the WagonMasters (Diane & Dom) provided was a knockout! They guided us through areas we would not dreamed of going and escorted us to adventures from road-side taco stands, local street restaurants and beaches that you get to wake up on with the sunsrise.

Throughout the entire trip, we felt no stress about having to planning our stops. Baja Amigos had everything all planned out and continually communicated the daily plans and travels in advance. They really have taken all the stress out of this vacation.

This was not just “a once in a lifetime trip”, but now has become a regularly planned vacation.

Thanks again Baja Amigos for everything,

Stuart & Elizabeth Holloway - Vancouver, BC 2015

We just returned from 28 days of fun and adventure as promised and delivered by Dan and Lisa of Baja Amigos and we are SO glad we chose to take our trip with them. We had spoken to several other Caravan Operators but we liked several things about their tours…the smaller group, the VHF Radios supplied, the Excursions (with Dan doing the driving), the Hosted Dinners and Activities and especially their vast knowledge and experience in Baja. We also liked the fact that they stay with you the entire time so if you run into a problem or just have a question, they are nearby to assist.

They have planned their trips very carefully and thoughtfully to provide the least amount of stress for their clients while at the same time showing them the highlights and beauty of this region. This includes such things as: guiding the larger RV’s into tight spots, taking the group up through spectacular mountains to a remote and beautiful Mission that one might miss while in the area, to lunching at a fabulous Café in a sleepy Mexican Village with a VERY interesting history. Who knew?! They have casual Happy Hours where you can’t help but enjoy yourself (Lisa’s Summer Beer is THE BEST!), tips for negotiating with local vendors, advice on the best places to eat and just as importantly…where not to. After 30 years of Baja-ing, they certainly know the ropes and the MOST beautiful beaches. Of course there are things that are out of their control…road conditions, weather etc.- those might fall under the category of “adventure” but Dan and Lisa try their best to absorb that stress whenever possible and we really appreciated that. They have also perfected a very effective method of travelling safely as a group by utilizing the radios to convey traffic up front while keeping Caravaners aware of the vehicles behind them.

Another reviewer had described their tour as “tight but loose” and that is exactly right. There is a schedule but once you’re set up, you are free to either partake in a planned activity or not. If you just want to rest and read a good book or go to town on your own, it’s fine….but we highly recommend the activities and get togethers as they are really fun.

Their 28 day tour gave us a great overview of the history and culture of a land that Dan and Lisa clearly love and the best compliment that we can give them…is that we can’t wait to return. They have given us the tools, information and confidence to do it on our own next year. Thanks, Dan and Lisa ….hopefully we’ll see you again in Baja!

Ron & Andrea Davis - Spring Green, Wisconsin 2015

Travelling with Baja Amigos on our recent 28 day tour, we experienced much more of what the Baja had to offer, than if we had done it on our own. We were very fortunate to have Baja Amigos’ owners, Dan & Lisa as our wagon masters with incredible experience as this was their 22nd trip. Throughout the tour, they shared so much of themselves with our group & paid meticulous attention to every detail. Our small sized tour group meant that we got to know everyone & could travel “as a group” with direct radio communications regarding oncoming traffic & road conditions as well as overtaking traffic. Pulling into fuel stops as a group eliminated any negative surprises and stopping at the RV parks & dry-camping locations was such a pleasant experience. Many excursions in Dan & Lisa’s 14 passenger van were included so there was no need to take a tow car in order to go to restaurants, scenic sites or shopping. Great comradery developed because of the hosted dinners & happy hours with personal interaction between restaurant owners, vendors, etc. Dan & Lisa’s love of the Baja was felt throughout the tour & contributed so much to our thoroughly enjoyed overall experience!

Murray & Merlyn Christian-Sidney, BC 2015

We found our 28 day Baja trip to be very enjoyable, relaxing, and a trip to remember. Dan and Lisa were the very the best of hosts and through them we discovered a part of Mexico we would have completely missed if traveling on our own. Dan's great knowledge of the Mexican history and culture along with Lisa's knowledge of the flora and fauna added greatly to the experience. While travelling and camping we felt safe at all times. Highly recommend Baja Amigos.

Bob & Barb Penner - Kamloops, BC 2015

Our trip to the Baja with Baja Amigos was everything we hoped for. Dan & Lisa took care of all the details while we were able to relax and enjoy the adventure. We really enjoyed travelling in a group and making new friends.

We took the 38 day tour which turned into an 88 day tour. We loved the Baja so much we dropped out of the tour and stayed for almost two months on our own until the next tour came along.

We loved all of the beautiful beaches, and the highlight of our trip was seeing the grey whales.

Travelling with Baja Amigos gave us the confidence to travel Mexico on our own and we will definitely return.

Dave & Darlene Smith-Winnipeg, Manitoba 2015

The decision to do the Baja trip this past fall in our RV was mainly my husband's, having enjoyed a local wine tour a few years ago. It was our first major RV trip with our 5th wheel so we were real rookies. Not sure the Baja was the best choice for first timers but we are certainly not rookies anymore! Thanks to the wonderful people we met in our caravan and also the challenging roads we travelled and the unique places we travelled to, we can go anywhere now! From the lovely beach and people of Santispac, the incredible rock formations and cactus deserts of Catavina, to house parties & coconut shrimp in Loreto this trip has provided us with lasting memories and experiences we will never forget, and very special people we now consider our friends. Thanks Dan & Lisa for the adventure and delivering us back from Baja!

Gary & Cheryl Sheridan - Salt Spring Island, BC 2014

If you want to see Baja Mexico the way it really is, take a trip with Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours. Dan and Lisa Goy, our WagonMasters, organized and delivered an unforgettable 28 day tour for our group. Thinking back, a couple of comments early on really stand out from Dan and Lisa.

#1. If you are expecting 5 "Star" camping accommodations, you are in the wrong place and on the wrong tour. That is not the true RV experience on Baja Mexico.
#2. Every day is an adventure! We believe we squeezed in a couple of extra adventures!

Dan and Lisa have the knack of molding all the participants into a close and special group in no time at all. Now when we think of Mexico, we think of fantastic scenery, beach camping, hiking from bay to bay on the Sea of Cortez, the wonderful surf on the Pacific Ocean, new friends, walkabouts thru villages and towns, learning about Mexican history, tasting Mexican food, and absolutely incredible sunrises and sunsets.

There was never a moment we felt uncomfortable or unsafe. If you thirst for adventure and never want to have concerns about safety , we both recommend this Mexican adventure! This tour of the Baja peninsula was a trip of a lifetime.

Harry & Sue Erskine-Maple Ridge, BC 2014
Still Creek Forest Products Ltd

Take 14 strangers of divergent backgrounds in seven RV’s of four different types, then add Diane & Dom as you head-off to the BAJA for month! The results; “NO BAD DAYS”. Thanks D & D for your friendly expertise, depth of knowledge and patience. You are great Ambassadors for Baja Amigos and the people of the Baja.

Patrick & Ruthe Flanagan-Merritt, BC 2014

My husband and I joined a Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour in March 2014. We had concerns about traveling in Mexico so felt joining a group would provide us with strength in numbers as well as depending on our informed Wagon masters, Dan & Lisa.

We had a marvelous time, meeting six other amazing couples from diversified backgrounds. At no time did we feel threatened or in danger. The beach camping was wonderful as were the many excursions “Captain Dan” had arranged. Every day was a fiesta with spontaneous happy hours and dinner parties.
If you are looking for fun and adventure, I would highly recommend this trip. If you require 5 star RV Resorts and interstate highways, this may not be the best choice for you.

John & Lorna McColl-Kelowna, BC 2014

Dom and Diane were a perfect fit for our first Baja driving and camping experience. Extremely knowledgeable about the Baja and all it entails - international driving, dry camping as well as the intricacies of getting big rigs into formal campgrounds, local culture, language, history, food and drink. They were not just our guides but delightful and funny traveling friends who we hope to travel with again. We feel we got an "above and beyond" experience with Dom and Diane Fraser as our Baja Amigos Wagon Masters.

Allan Titford & CJ Burwash-Rocky Mountain House, AB 2014

Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours are professional yet personal. Dan & Lisa are experienced WagonMasters that keep you well informed and are capable of handling the unexpected with ease. To our delight we experienced many different aspects of the Baja culture. We fell in love with the beautiful Mexican people and their land and look forward to when we can return for another visit. If you are looking for a camping adventure, then this is for you.

Simply put, we had a blast!

Casey & Amy V.-Stevenville, MT 2014

You will have fun and adventure,” Wagon Master Dan told us, “but they are two different words.” How true that statement turned out!

“FUN” was everywhere - in our traveling companions (including the dogs and their antics), in the friendly people of Mexico, breathtaking scenery, beautiful cities and beaches, excellent food, shopping, Happy Hours, potlucks, and amazing excursions to well-known places and to those which we could never have found ourselves.

“ADVENTURE” was no stranger either. Encounters with the local police, military checkpoints, some difficult road and driving conditions, occasional inconveniences in campgrounds and services, coping with schedules, and the allure of the unexpected all added flavour to the mix. But adventure also showed its face deep-sea fishing in the Sea of Cortez, whale watching, snorkelling, and hiking to ancient cave paintings.

It would take a small book to do justice to the many opportunities that were made available to us. We relished them all. Many thanks to Dan and Lisa, Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours, for sharing with us their expertise, knowledge, and their love of Mexico and its people. As a result, we found travel in the Baja safe, intriguing, challenging and impressive. Unforgettable and definitely recommended. Be flexible! Be adaptable! Do some homework to alleviate concerns. Most of all, delight in Baja for exactly what it is - you will be rewarded with new and exciting experiences and precious memories. Allow ALL that is Baja to fill your senses…..then ENJOY!

Doug & Brenda Leriger-Whitecourt, AB 2014

We have nothing but wonderful memories of our trip down the Baja with Dom and Diane. We could not ask for better Wagonmasters. They catered to our every wish, organized many fun events and interesting excursions, and made us feel safe and secure.

We visited so many terrific places. A few of our favorites were stunning Playa Tecolote, San Jose del Cabo with its many artists and shops, Mulege and the fascinating Loma Linda resort, and Cerritos Surf Club where we tried boogie boards for the first time and had so much fun.

Our only complaint is the 28 days went by much too fast! We would highly recommend the Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour to all RV’ers.

Garry & Elaine Arrell-New Westminster, BC 2014

We had the best time ever, traveling the Baja with our Wagonmasters Dan & Lisa . Dan took us to so many interesting places that we would have never found on our own, and introduced us to all of their Baja acquaintances.

Our group of RVers was such a great one. We made new friends and had a fabulous time with them. Baja Amigos have given us the confidence to travel back to the Baja on our own in the future.

Thanks again Dan & Lisa for giving us such an amazing experience.

Jon & Carol Taylor-Harrison, BC 2014

We arrived back in Victoria after our 28 day tour through Baja and were asked what was the best part of the experience. Without thinking or hesitation, our immediate response was "The people". Of course we followed up with the beaches, the scenery and the Sea of Cortez. However, we still had to say that the people of Baja were the friendliest and kindest people that we have met. They always seemed to have a smile and would not hesitate to help out when I struggled to communicate with them in their own language.

The cities, in particular La Paz and San Jose del Cabo were beautiful places to wander and enjoy restaurants and shopping. Both had beautiful beaches and warm water.

The drive through Baja is a long one and camping does not offer many of the amenities that we were used to, but, was well worth the effort. It is not easy driving in some areas as the roads are narrow with little or nothing in the way of a shoulder. Baja is certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking for fun and adventure and veering of the beaten path occasionally, I highly recommend Baja. We will return!!

I would also recommend Baja Amigos, if anyone is driving to Baja for the first time. Although, we have never felt unsafe at any time in Mexico, we traveled with a great group of people that were very similar to us in that we all wanted to experience something different, have some adventure and see places we normally may not have see. Baja Amigos travel itinerary allows for time to enjoy the nicer camping places plus there are a number of excursions to places that most Baja travelers are not likely to see or experience. This is because of the local knowledge that the WagonMasters, Dan and Lisa have acquired over their years of travel in Baja.

Bruce Anselm & Beverly Ganie-Victoria, BC 2014

We want to say a big thank you to Dan and Lisa for a well-organized, fun and always interesting 28 day trip through the Baja. It was a tour to not only well-known locations but also out of the way places that we would never have found on our own. This trip gave us a real snapshot of this part of Mexico, Baja California the frontier!

We loved the caravan-style driving to our next destination, with radio contact with the wagon master and the group. On the narrow roads, knowing what traffic was approaching made the driving much more relaxing. The scenery was fantastic; the desert in the Spring is bursting with many different plants, cacti and strange-looking trees.

Our favourite of the many different and interesting excursions piloted by Dan was Gray Whale watching in Guerrero Negro. To our amazement, in the large shallow lagoon, the mother and baby whales came right up to the small 12 passenger boats. The moms push the babies up on their snouts from underneath until the young ones can see the people on board. Then the moms roll over and look the passengers right in the eye, and wait for a scratch on their barnacled heads. An amazing experience, including a drenching from the whales’ blowholes. Lots of photos taken on this excursion!

There is so much else we can say, trip of a lifetime. Yes there are some inconveniences, it is a different country. But if you like to RV, if this tour is not on your bucket list, it should be!

Alison W & Bruce M-Langley, BC 2014

If you not fussy about driving on two lane roads , if you MUST have full services at every campground, if you are not flexible and are unable except that sometime things aren't the same as at home, you should NOT RV in Baja.

But, if your adventurous and flexible you will love RV'ing in Baja .The roads are paved all the way to Cabo San Lucas with the exception of a creek that unbelievably runs across the road at Catavina . The scenery is breath taking with mountain passes, cactus forests, deserts ,along with miles of coast line.

Boon-docking on the various beaches was wonderful with the pristine waters, soft sand along with brilliant sun rises and sunsets. One of the best parts of the trip were the people ,we met many interesting people during our trip from street merchants, restaurant personal and many local residents from various towns. Everyone was friendly, speaking Spanish was not a issue as our wagon master is bilingual. We were able to learn some limited Spanish from our supplied tour book that made communications in Spanish fun.

Safety was a concern when planning our Baja RV trip, our families thought we would never return. We're happy to report that safety was not an issue. At no time did we feel uneasy or threatened, it's like RV'ing any where in North America ,you need to use “street smarts”, lock your vehicles, don't leave valuables in plain site, don't travel at night and travel in groups.

We did encounter military check points which are similar to the US Border Security check points in the Southern US , they both keep an eye on illegal activities. Our trip was with Baja Amigos, our caravan consisted of six units, our wagon masters were Dan and Lisa Goy. The small size was ideal as all tours are done in a 12 passenger van, the good news is that motor homes don't need to tow a vehicle , the caravan took us to from the Mexican border at Tecate all the way to Cabo San Lucas and back to Tecate.The action packed trip included everything from camping on beaches, whale watching, restaurant outings , city tours, paddle boarding, kayaking, wine tours, sight seeing, endless shopping and much more.

It was a busy 28 day tour with something different happening every day. We have no problem returning to Baja on our own as we've seen first hand that it is a unique fun place to RV.

Frank & Michelle Haselden - Baden , Ontario 2014

We want to thank Dan and Lisa, Dom and Diane, for such a great trip! We enjoyed seeing the out-of-the-way places, especially the beaches. We drove a 38' mph, so the roads were kinda scary sometimes, but husband Bob did a great job, and I read a book during those times, ha ha! The beach at Bahia de Los Angeles was probably on of the favorites. It was a rocky shore, but that's where all the critters live that I got to see when the tide was out. Plus, Sergio at the local, thatched roof restaurant is a super baker! The sandy beaches were great, too. Sure can't discount them. Sitting in the surf in lawn chairs with a book was a new experience for me. Fun Fun Fun! We really enjoyed meeting Ruben at the Rancho Sordo Mudo school for the deaf. Sweet little RV park right on the road home.

Baja Amigos took the stress of border crossings in stride and nary a hitch was found. Thanks again!

God bless you,

Judi & Bob

Bob Green & Judi Chaffin-Sweet Home, Oregon 2014

My wife Gwen and I had enjoyed numerous trips to Baja, but never in an RV. As with many others in the United States we heard many concerns and warnings about driving the Baja. Still very much interested in experiencing the Baja in our Motor Home, we decided to look for a caravan to travel with. After spending some time on the Internet we found "Baja Amigos" operated by Dan and Lisa Goy. If one wants to experience all aspects of traveling the Baja,I would highly recommend "Baja Amigos". Dan and Lisa are very knowledgeable and will provide a real Baja experience. However, anyone planning to travel the Baja in an RV must know that it is Mexico. Don't expect any 5 star resorts or full hookups at every stop. Many nights are spent boon docking. Thanks to Dan and Lisa we found traveling the Baja in an RV unbelievably safe and exciting. We are already planning our next trip south of the border.

Carl & Gwen Hopper-Carson City, Nevada 2014

I am enjoying your blog. I am a faithful follower. Prior to our wonderful trip with you, I was so apprehensive.......as you know. Why, I will never know. It was not on my bucket list. I now know it should be on everyone list. It was outstanding. The 2 month trip is now on my list. I relive all my memories through your blog. I have told all our camper acquaintances, we meet about our experience. It's a must do. Thanks for my memories, I enjoyed every one of them.
PS. Baja should have a catalogue of products. I could continue to order blankets, etc etc.
Take care, thanks for sharing your adventure with us. I now have my warm fuzzy feeling for the day.

Please feel free to use any of my fuzzy feelings, to promote your adventure. Safe travels Jane

Paul & Jane Messenger-Oakville, Ontario 2013

My wife and I did a caravan tour with Baja Amigos (www.bajaamigos.net) at the beginning of this year. We couldn't have been more pleased. We have a 2012 17-foot Freedom Deluxe and our previous experience had been in campgrounds so we hadn't used all the potential of our Casita. The 28-day tour of the Baja often included boondocking, so we quickly became seasoned Casita owners. We were the smallest unit with most folks driving 5th-Wheels. Although we were the smallest, we held our own and the other travelers couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. The Wagonmasters (Dan and Lisa) have many years of traveling the Baja and they tow their trailer with a van that can accommodate all the Caravaners when excursions are planned once camp is established. Their goal is to give you a Baja experience that will enable you to go on your own at another time. Check out their website and message me if you'd like to see some photos from the trek.

Baja Amigos was certainly a good choice for us!

Carl & Ann Evans - Charlotte, North Carolina 2013

Great time, Great food and Wonderful people! We were on the February 2013, 28-day excursion and must say it was all we expected and much,much more! Dan and Lisa have really put their heart and soul into assuring you will see, feel, taste and smell all that the Baja as to offer.

Since their caravan tours are limited in numbers of people, it allows Dan to take everyone in their van to places that you would never think of seeing on your own. This makes the Baja Amigos experience well outside the normal beaten path. We met some great people and enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow travelers during our many "Happy Hours" and the group potlucks which were planned by Dan & Lisa as part of the tour. No need to go hungry on this trip as there are also lots of planned restaurant meals in addition to many shopping opportunities.

Never once do we remember having a concern for our safety. In fact we have had greater concerns walking around Seattle than we ever had during our Baja travels. There are a few "bumps" in the road but you will be alerted "Tope ahead " or "big rig coming" by Lisa on your supplied radio. Knowing that Dan and Lisa are blazing the trail ahead of you, allows you to relax and enjoy the experience of driving the Baja. If you have ever thought of going to the Baja with your RV, then Baja Amigos is for sure the one to consider. You will not be disappointed.

Tony & Shari Maffey - Leavenworth, Washington 2013

We recently returned from the Baja Amigo’s March 28 day tour. To sum it up in one word: FANASTIC. Dan and Lisa are master planners. Each and every detail, down to the smallest was anticipated and planned. Fuel stops, propane refills, potable water, grocery stops and body breaks, were well thought out and seemed to happen at exactly the appropriate or needed time. The driving times were reasonable, enjoyable and insightful as we were given history lessons by Dan or Lisa, while passing points of interest.

We believe that in 28 days, we experienced and saw more of Baja than other tours would experience in 35 or 40 days. The neatest part of the tour was that we experienced the REAL Baja. Sure, we visited and enjoyed some of the major tourist spots. However, the side trips and visits to local eateries were wonderful. The friendships established by Dan and Lisa with the locals in many different cities greatly enhanced our tour and afforded insight to the real Baja that individual travelers or larger tour groups would never experience.

Others have alluded to the beauty of the country and the warmth of the people. We can only say that on both counts, it exceeded our hopes and expectations. Although we have been fans of north Baja for several years, Baja Sur is now our destination of choice. This is primarily because of the campgrounds near the beaches and the genuine welcome from the locals. The beach camping was beyond description and the waters of both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean were truly outstanding, possessing warm, clear water containing an abundance of marine life, as nature intended.

We would venture to guess that each tour group is different. Ours could not have been any greater. From the scheduled happy hours or pot lucks to the informal ones, we all got along wonderfully. An added plus was at some of our camping spots we met past clients and/or friends of Dan and Lisa. This added to the enjoyment of our get-togethers.
Our group met as strangers, but I feel we left as friends. Many of us have exchanged e-mails since the end of the tour and will continue to do so. Hopefully, some of us will travel to Baja Sur again together.

We will conclude by saying thanks again to Dan and Lisa and being thankful for the new friends we made. To sum it up, our biggest worry during the entire tour was – where is the next beer and ice stop. Guess what, it was really nearby. To really experience Baja, give Baja Amigos a chance. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Ron & Mary Ann Faulkner - Fullerton, California 2013

“Baja Amigos” is the ideal name for this Caravan Tour! Within minutes of meeting Dan, Lisa and the other fellow “adventurers” in the tour group…..my husband Bill and I felt welcomed, comfortable and incredibly excited about the upcoming adventure! It was truly great that all of us had in common the desire to discover and experience Baja California without reservations or fear.

Dan and Lisa’s years of experience traveling throughout Baja and their genuine love and concern for the peninsula……and especially for the well being of the people……made the tour exceptional. Add to this Dan and Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of Baja history, its flora and fauna and their large circle of Baja friends…….. and you have a truly awesome adventure!! Rough and rugged at times….beautiful and peaceful at others.

Bill and I took full advantage of the exceptional option you will have of dropping out of the tour and picking up with it at a later date. We spent a fantastic month in Cabo San Lucas and another incredible month in La Paz. This option allowed us to truly experience the many, many wonders of Baja. We were never uncomfortable or afraid……always safe……the people extremely warm and welcoming. We absolutely loved the three months we spent in Baja……we didn’t want to come home……. and will be returning there to spend the winters in the future.

We now have no reservations about traveling to Baja solo……a million thanks to Dan and Lisa and Baja Amigos Caravan Tour for showing us the “Real Baja”!!!!

Bill & Heidi Searle - Livingston, Texas 2013

When we first told our friends and family that we were planning a trip to the Baja, Mexico they all thought that we were crazy and putting our selves in unnecessary danger. This was a trip that we had not planned on but agreed to accompany our friends and were very glad they suggested it.

We felt very safe and comfortable all the time we were in Mexico. We feel that the tourist industry in the Baja is given a bad rap. The only thing that they might do is blow their own horn a little more and promote this wonderful part of the world. The Mexican People we observed were friendly honest and worked hard at making our stay as pleasurable as possible.

As for Baja Amigo's Dan and Lisa they ran a well organized and fun filled operation. Each day was planned full of activities that were done at a comfortable pace. Dan and Lisa have traveled extensively in the Baja and show those on the caravan places and things that you could not possibly find on your own.

In closing I would like to say that Dan and Lisa's knowledge and love this area and true concern for the residents make Baja Amigo's the best way to travel to this area

George & Mary Howie - Wasaga Beach, Ontario 2013

Traveling to the Baja was a dream of ours (especially Dennis) for some time (on the bucket list). Being the cautious types, there was no chance that we were going to do this on our own, so we began our research. There are several options out there but we decided to plan our trip with the Baja Amigos and we are thankful for our choice. We were on the 28 day tour. The pace of the tour was just right for us. We never felt pushed or rushed be it on an excursion or a day on the road. This speaks to the realistic planning that Dan and Lisa put into the itinerary
Lisa and Dan are leaders extraordinaire.

They were always prompt with answers to our questions from our first contact with them and this continued throughout the tour. In fact our needs we more often anticipated by them rather than requested by us. Our safety was a big concern but we must say that at no time did we feel the least bit uneasy. Lisa and Dan prepared us before and during the trip on what to expect. Morning meetings prior to setting off on our day’s journey discussed every detail of the day’s itinerary so there were no surprises.

We must admit we ate our way around the Baja 🙂 but that was our choice. It gave us a real sense of the country and the people. We were able to experience so much more than if we were on our own; experience the real Baja.

It is obvious from the outset that both Lisa and Dan are in love with the Baja and its people. Because of their extensive travelling they have friends in all places, many of whom they introduced us to along the way. Our fellow travelers were a great group and it felt like being on a family vacation. That is in no small way due to Dan and Lisa’s efforts to communicate and invite everyone on participate be it a trip into town, an impromptu hike or an evening campfire. No one was left out unless it was by their choice.

As we reflect on our trip, we realize it was a great bonus to have Dan use his van to bus us around to various places, once we got set up. It made for more camaraderie and less confusion for everyone .

Would we recommend this trip with Baja Amigos…ABSOLUTLEY!

Thanks Dan & Lisa for making this such a wonderful adventure and a holiday full of great memories

Dennis & Margie Draper - Collingwood, Ontario 2013

We have just returned from the March 28 Day tour and what an amazing adventure it was! We must admit that we had never considered joining a Caravan for any of our previous road trips but after doing some research and discovering the Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour, which specializes in small groups and is very reasonably priced, we decided that this would be a great way to take our Motorhome through the Baja. Everything was organized for us and we were able to enjoy a worry-free tour of this spectacular part of Mexico. We felt totally safe at all times and found the locals always friendly and welcoming towards us. There was not one negative experience (except maybe when the odd “big rig” was passing us, but even that was never a problem). We found the roads surprisingly good! All of our tour expectations were far exceeded.

Dan and Lisa are extremely knowledgeable about Baja California and the history of the region. They always found the time to give individual attention to everyone in the group, and would remember small things that meant a lot to us. This was such a great experience - the trip of a lifetime!

We have so many great memories - highlights for us include the excursion up to Mission San Javier, kayaking in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, the delicious fish tacos in Guerrero Negro, and adopting our little puppy from Baja Sur - the best souvenir of all! We made many new friendships with this wonderful group and now feel comfortable enough that we would return to the Baja on our own in the future.

Thank you Dan and Lisa!

Mike & Susan Hawthorne - Saanichton, BC 2013

In early February 2013, I began a 28-day, 2200 mile (3550km) round-trip from Tecate, CA, to Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Thirteen of us, comprised of U.S. and Canadian citizens, joined with Dan and Lisa Goy, proprietors of Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours.

We traveled in our own RVs. During our initial introductory meeting, Lisa provided us with an itinerary of where we would be each day, sights, restaurant opportunities, and approximate distance to be traveled. We would drive an average of two to four hours on scheduled travel days. On non-travel days we extended our stays and camped at the beaches and in the mountains. Dan and Lisa pull their travel trailer with a large van.

Upon arrival at our daily destinations, Dan would unhitch his trailer and we would all be off on mini adventures. He led side trips to see indigenous cave paintings, natural fauna, local sights, and restaurants that he and Lisa have discovered during their years of traveling in Baja. Dan and Lisa also bring with them a two person kayak and stand up paddle board available for all to use. The kayaking was fun, and my first time on the stand up paddle board was fun too, and uneventful until the very end when I took a header into the water. The 28 days passed so quickly, and much too soon, the entire trip had concluded. Our return through Customs to the U.S. came off without a hitch. We all said our goodbyes, with friends and many memories that will last a lifetime.

Though I had previously traveled in Baja, I had never traveled the entire length of the peninsula. Traveling with Baja Amigos made the entire trip simple, easy, and secure.
So, when friends ask me whether I would want to RV again to Alaska, or to Baja, my answer is absolutely, “Baja!”

Leland Halleck - Redondo Beach, California 2013

We spend several weeks a year in the Los Cabos area and were looking for away to gain experience driving down the peninsula. Booking the trip with Dan and Lisa Goy and Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours seemed the logical choice. The trip itinerary, price and caravan size and only 6 RVs sold us on the tour.

Dan and Lisa made everything simple with a laid back approach that fit into the whole Baja experience. Their knowledge of the plants, birds and history of the area, coupled with their 15 passenger van that came with kayak and paddle board was used for excursions, shopping and dining added a whole other dimension to the trip. The itinerary is well thought out mixing dry camping, hot showers, laundry, wifi, dumps, and super markets so as you do not have to worry about the day to day traveling.

The Goy's have put together a fantastic book, “Baja Amigo RV Caravan Tours” (160 + pages) listing for each day what to expect. Mixed in with this useful information you will find the history and folk lore of Baja California.
To my surprise, the roads, some narrow, were good (I almost used the word ‘very’), compared to California. The slower speeds made the driving easy and sightseeing enjoyable and we had no mechanical or tire problems. We want to thank Dan and Lisa for showing us the way to enjoy Baja California and we do plan to do the drive on our own, sooner than later.

George & Donna Hoag - Cayucos, California 2013

We enjoyed a no-stress, amazing tour through Baja California with Dan and Lisa Goy. Their travel expertise and positive encouragement made it a beautiful experience. The scenery is amazing, the people welcoming, the food and shopping was very fun. The small size of the tour group made the traveling and the included excursions so enjoyable. From whale watching to beach walking, cave paintings to sunsets, fish tacos to hummingbirds, we experienced the “heart” of the Baja and look forward to returning on our own.

Will & Linda DeBoer - Tucson, Arizona 2013

The Baja Tour with Dan and Lisa was so much more than we expected, and exactly what we needed. We were looking for a vacation free of stress, and full of new adventure. Dan and Lisa are natural leaders for travelers - well in advance of the tour they had organized the details of the trip down to a minute level, but they always kept the atmosphere of the journey easy and calm, and made a concerted effort to ensure each of the participants was finding the level of relaxation, adventure and discovery that satisfied individual needs. We didn't have to worry about finding the next fuel, grocery, water or camping spot, which left us free to truly experience the country we were traveling through, without any crisis or even minor dilemmas. Dan and Lisa's obvious love of the Baja environment and people was reflected in their enthusiasm on the excursions and the wealth of local history and lore they shared. Their many Mexican friends and former tour participants we met confirmed that the genuine respect and fondness Dan and Lisa have is returned by those they interact with. As hosts, both demonstrated an innate ability to bring strangers together, to treat each of their clients as special friends, and to help all of us bond and enjoy each other's company as well.

When we left home, we really knew nothing much about the Baja - we return home with a sense of really having experienced the best of it, infected with the desire to return and enjoy more - thanks, Baja Amigos, for the fantastic experience!

Jeff & Michelle Laurie - Langley. BC 2013

We had wanted to visit Baja with our RV for some time, reluctant to do it alone also reluctant to go with a large group.
Dan & Lisa with Baja Amigos were exactly what we wanted, we learned so much about Baja, what to do and not to do, saw so much, met so many great people and felt so comfortable with our experience we dropped off in Mulege, confident we can return on our own. Baja Amigos exceeded our expectations and we look forward to returning next season very prepared and knowing exactly what places we want to further explore.

Many thanks to both Dan & Lisa for a terrific start on our future Baja Snowbird lifestyle for years to come!

Darrell & Jan Beebe - OK Falls, BC 2013

Wow! What an excellent time we had on the Baja Amigos Caravan Tour! We went on the 28 day January 2013 tour. The trip as a whole was great – we loved Dan and Lisa, we enjoyed the excursions, the food and restaurants, and the shopping. We love the laid back Mexican life style. One of the other positive things about this trip that drew us in was the small caravan size and the well planned itinerary by Dan and Lisa. We could go on and on about every little thing…but really it was the whole trip we enjoyed. There is so much negative news about traveling in Mexico, and never once were we nervous or felt at all threatened. The people there are all so very friendly. We will definitely travel back to the Baja on our own!

*Proud to be the first Kansan’s on the Baja Amigos Tour!

Mike & Kelly Steinfort - Junction City, Kansas 2013

Our 45 day RV Caravan trip down the Baja Peninsula was simply amazing. Dan and Lisa were great wagon masters and very knowledgeable about Baja Mexico. The entire trip went very smoothly without a hitch. Every day promised a new adventure and discovery , so many things to do and see. We loved being taken in their van sightseeing, this made touring so easy. We were warmly welcomed by all their friends, Mexicans, Canadians and Americans alike along the way and enjoyed many nights of meals and entertainment with them, this was most enjoyable.

So many wonderful memories thank you Dan and Lisa.

Valerie & David Smethurst - Sidney, BC 2012

"We just returned from our 45 day RV tour on Baja and Dan and Lisa more than exceeded our expectations, they taught us about Baja, Mexico and Mexicans. Meeting so many friends across Baja provided real insights into their lives in Mexico which we really appreciated. We enjoyed so many aspects of the tour it is difficult to say what we enjoyed most, the excursions, the meals out and the shopping were definitely highlights. We now feel comfortable in returning to Baja however it is so much easier, stress free and fun to be on their caravan tour. We recommend anyone who wants to see Baja Mexico to go with Baja Amigos, they are great!"

Bill & Patricia Clarke - North Saanich, BC 2012

We (Colleen and Steve) had read a few testimonials before our trip with Baja Amigos and a few others since the trip and we wish to add our comments to the “Happy Camper” list. We intend to not focus on all the obvious attractions: The beautiful landscapes, the gorgeous beaches , attractive vacation meccas, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, numerous and varied activities including hikes, kayaking and snorkeling opportunities, the whale experience of a lifetime, the best dinner we have ever eaten (Rays), etc, etc ......we could go on and on as many before us have described the flavor and vitality of a Baja Mexico visit. We would like to instead emphasize an equally compelling aspect of this trip.

We wish to examine more the nuts and bolts of the Baja Amigos Caravan Tours and the importance of the services provided. Baja Amigos provided a professional service on a very personal level. The team of Dan and Lisa Goy provided a well planned, structured, detailed itinerary in a written notebook form. Every morning a pre-travel briefing was conducted with all in attendance. Being part of a small group has it’s benefits. Communication was a top priority and was practiced daily. There were few surprises. Dan and Lisa lead in a manner that seemed at times more like fellow travelers . This trip was very competently structured so we were able to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about the details. We found the pace or tempo to be brisk. Dan and Lisa’s knowledge and enthusiasm shown through all activities and their established contacts was a testament to their long history of networking in Baja Mexico. All these things contributed to a fun, memorable journey.

Why we chose Baja Amigos......

We are not RVers. We have a popup camper on a 4x4 pickup and prefer “minimalist” camping in isolated locations at the end of bumpy, dusty roads. I (Steve) had previous experiences traveling in Baja Mexico in 2007 and 2011 as a support team member, driving truck and trailer for off road motorcycle enthusiasts. I did a lot of driving to provide timely fuel, food and water for a group always on the go. Not a lot of time for relaxing, sightseeing and exploring. My wife Colleen had never traveled to Mexico. Seeing Baja Mexico as RVers did appeal to us as an introduction to Baja and I started asking questions. Many of the off road enthusiasts had extensive and recent experience in Baja and were a great source of information. The bottom line was we chose Baja Amigos because of their well established reputation. Although we still prefer minimalist camping over embracing the RV lifestyle, we did not regret our decision to go with Baja Amigos as our expectations were indeed exceeded for sure. The experience gained through this introduction to Baja will allow us to safely travel independently. We did enjoy the group very much (Thank you everyone......they were all Canadians) and do recommend Baja Amigos as our choice if we had it to do over again. We did have a great time.
Thank you Dan and Lisa!

Steve & Colleen Arrison - Red Bluff, California 2012

We recently completed the March 2012 Baja Amigos Tour and we can say it is very obvious that Dan and Lisa have a deep rooted love for the Baja and the people that call that unique part of the world home. Their knowledge of the history of the land, people and landscape was quite evident and they did not hesitate to pass on their years of accumulated experience.

We were guided into the most accessible places for fuel stops, the very best restaurants, grocery stops, artisan shopping and points of interest. Right down to fitting each RV into the most suitable site at each camp spot, Dan and Lisa had everything well planned out ahead.

Our side trips and tours proved to be experiences we would never have known without our caring guides. We were always well prepared and informed of every event each day. These included departure times, what to expect along the way, right down to military checkpoints, water access, internet and laundry.

Our guide book was packed with information including daily points of interest, history and local flora and fauna. We found that the book meant even more after the trip than before because we now can relate back to the activities of each day and relive the experience all over again. Every day was a new adventure and we can’t thank Dan and Lisa enough for an experience that will last a lifetime.

Blaine & Lorraine Scheideman - Prince George, BC 2012

Everyone should experience Baja California at least once. I’m not talking about a flight into Cabo and sunning at the hotel pool but rather a full taste of all it has to offer: mountains, beaches, deserts, ancient cave art, whales, shopping in small towns & shops, fish tacos from local stands, Spanish missions, and much more. Dan & Lisa’s Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours gives you all of this and more. Somehow they manage to provide the most economical full featured RV Caravan trip to Baja that I have found and yet also provide it within a small group setting.

You don’t have to worry about driving your RV through narrow streets of small towns, wandering around looking for an attraction or shop, or looking for parking, as Dan & Lisa take you right there in their van for the many sightseeing and shopping excursions. On top of all of this, they provide even more: a lending library of Baja books, kayak access, and a tour book with 100 pages detailing the trip but mostly filled with cultural, historical and natural information of the areas you pass through. To this is added pages within the book for your own travelogue and a Spanish primer. This trip is a great introduction and overview of Baja.

We had a wonderful time! Thank you Dan & Lisa!

Mike & Pat Astley - Fort Collins, Colorado 2012

Last January we had the pleasure of joining a Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour. This was our second trip on Baja with an RV Caravan, but first with Baja Amigos.

The wine and cheese welcome meeting set the tone for our upcoming trip.[Lisa does fabulous appetizers]. Dan and Lisa met my definition of "good hosts". They camped along with us and were always available to hear our concerns and help with any problems that arose. Restricting our group to six couples enabled us to fit into their van for sight seeing,shopping trips and other outings which enabled us to leave our tow vehicle behind.Traveling as a small group facilitated our ease through check points and cities.The social occasions were well organized and most enjoyable.
We have already and will continue to recommend Baja Amigos to others as a great RV Caravan choice.

Our expectations were definitely exceeded!

Lorne & Joan Green - Calgary, Alberta 2012

Every RVer has a wish list of destinations that they would like to visit. This route down Baja California Mexico to Cabo San Lucas and back is a journey every Rver should do at least once in their lifetime. This absolutely beautiful peninsula is unique in the world, and to have Dan & Lisa guild you takes all the worry out of it. They know where to go, how to get there, and what to do while you are there. Of all the RV journeys that we have done, this one was definitely the best. We just had a fantastic time, thank you again Dan & Lisa.

Peter & Angela Holdack - Chiliwack, BC 2012

Our adventure with Baja Amigos down the “Baja Highway” to Cabo San Lucas was a treasure of a trip. Such an excursion had been on our Bucket List for several years, so with an 80th looming we decided to go-for-it.

We’re the kind of travelers that love to see the lay of the land- to be up close and friendly with the environment and the culture wherever we roam. We had never taken a caravan trip before mainly because most are designed for 30 to 40 people and go from one RV Park to the next. Not so with Baja Amigos. The small group, unique camping locations really suited us well, and it was great to have the extras (tour van, lending library, and kayak and 2 way radios) provided.

Our 30 days of travel took us over flat deserts, rocky fields, and “forests” of amazing vegetation, beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, rugged coastlines and small towns along the route. Although we drove almost everyday it was never too much. The road was often much better than we expected. At day’s end we’d be camped in a unique out of the way place. When we needed to regroup the convenient RV parks and towns had all the essentials.

Lisa and Dan are great folks to travel with. They really have good people skills and sincerely want you to enjoy the trip. The added short excursions were interesting and diverse. The itinerary well thought out, and easy to accomplish. We soon discovered that Dan and Lisa have friends everywhere- from the shop keeper near Todas Santos, to the artist and her husband (who hosted a great dinner party) in Loreto, to the Maestro who gave an impromptu concert at the piano museum in El Triunfo- these unique people added unexpected zest to the adventure.

We really enjoyed out trip down the Baja peninsula with Baja Amigos. They know what they are doing and do it very well. We never had one instance of trouble. We always felt safe and by the end of the trip our fellow travelers felt like friends.

If you want to learn how to navigate Baja’s Highway 1, get off the beaten path, camp by the Sea of Cortez and get a good introduction to Baja and the land, take the 30-day tour. If you want to kick back a bit longer along the way take the 45-day tour. Either way, you’ll have unforgettable trip. We are so glad to went! Thanks Dan & Lisa. You ARE the best!!

Bill & Martha Smith - Ellensburg, Washington 2012

"Dan & Lisa you certainly exceeded our expecttions! We really enjoyed the many unique & interesting excursions, your exceptional tour book with room for my journal, the Church's camping book and kayaking for the first time in the Bay of Conception no less! Your passion for Baja was evident from the moment we met you until we said goodbye. You both went above and beyond to ensure we were always comfortable and engaged. You always kept us on track with the tour schedule, but you were flexible enough to accommodate the group. The Baja holiday was one of our best. Dan & Lisa you played a huge part in the enjoyment.

Brook & Judy Hornsby - Chilliwack, BC 2012

Sharie and I joined 8 other RV-ers and were lucky enough to take the last 28 day tour of Baja from March 5 to April 3. All in all it was a most enjoyable and enlightening tour. Our wagon masters Dan and Lisa Goy outdid all our expectations. They prepared us, guided us, educated us, entertained us and looked after us. Dan also saved a couple of us from a traffic ticket in La Paz!

Before we left to start on the trip, I received an e mail stating: “I wouldn’t go there even if you paid me” Obviously a defeatist attitude! There are places I would not go in Canada either! We observed no crime, nor heard of any for the entire trip! We met and dealt with many people, venders and others with no problems. If there is any “downers” there is only one- the narrow roads- however watch your speed, pay attention, and don’t drive at night as you might just run into a cow!

I highly recommend anyone planning on going to the Baja to go with Baja Amigos on your first trip. With over 25 years of experience, The Goys’ will prepare you well for your future travels, and you might even decide to spend much of your future time in Baja! The scenery is incredible, the people very hospitable, and the food is delicious!

Norm & Sharie Hutton - Powell River, BC 2012

We had vacationed in Mexico a couple of times over the years and when we came upon the Baja Amigos brochure the concept of traveling in a caravan interested us. After a bit of research into what Baja Amigos was offering by way of a caravan experience we signed up.

Baja Amigos was offering features that we were looking for in an RV caravan. First, we would be traveling as a relatively small group – a total of only seven units. Second, when reviewing the itinerary online, we determined that the daily drive would be well paced – no endurance events. Also, because of the size of the group there would be many opportunities to participate in group excursions to places we probably would not know about or go to on our own. Finally, Dan was assuring us that as wagon master, we would have help and support when dealing with the Mexican authorities, fuel stops and whatever else may come up.

When the February 2012 tour crossed into Mexico we were seven couples, strangers one to another, embarking on a journey – not quite true as we had signed up with Wallace`s sister and husband. Four weeks later when we left Mexico bonds of friendship had developed and there were tearful good-byes. We could wax eloquent with respect to the spectacular scenery, the stunning beaches, and the historical places we experienced. We could also praise the enthusiastic leadership and professionalism that Dan and Lisa brought to the tour. Suffice it to say that this tour not only met our expectations, but exceeded them. This was an over the top experience for us!!

Thanks so much.

Wallace & Lora Loge - Kelowna, BC 2012

What a great holiday. Our first trip to the Baja exceeded our expectations. We were completely surprised at the diversity and beauty of this magnificent peninsula. Dan & Lisa's van excursions gave us the opportunity to visit the small villages, shop for local handicrafts and products, to intermingle with the local people and visit the marvellous San Javier Mission of Loreto. How would we have ever found "Ray's Place" in Mulege who served up a delicious seafood dinner which included entertainment. What a fun evening we had and left the driving to Dan.

We left our worries behind as we knew our trusty leader will look after our traveling needs. With the knowledge and enthusiasm we gained from the Goy’s and their exceptional Baja Tour Book we cannot wait to return, explore more and stay longer.

Manfred & Brigit Thoews - Surrey, BC 2012

Some people look at deserts and see, well, deserts, where we like to look at open tracts of land and think about people that have gone through the area hundreds of years ago and dealt with the heat, cactus, rocks and mountains and wonder how they managed. The bulk of Baja is seemingly non-transversable, other than the meager roads that have been etched out of the landscape, and yet people like Herman Hill (Author of Baja’s Hidden Gold) went about his dream of looking for gold as if the land was made for his quest. We truly enjoyed the trip which allowed us to see so many of the faces of the Baja landscape, from the “Cuesta del Infierno” drop to Santa Rosaria to the incredible rolling hills of vegetables and vineyards in the northern interior.

I want to thank both of you, Dan and Lisa, for being knowledgeable and caring hosts for our trip. We were a pretty diverse group and you attended to all of us in a caring and nurturing way, answering all our questions about the history of the towns and people and how the Baja has had a “colourful” past in its diverse political and historical background. The Mexican people we met along the way were, without exception, happy to see us and proud of their wares. They were all eager to show us things that they or their family had made and were not pushy or upset with us if we chose not to partake of their goods. Of course all the travelers we met were in as good a mood as we were so they only embellished our sense of enjoyment in the many special spots we visited, including Santispac, Los Pescadaros and Bahia de Los Angeles which were favourites of ours.

Ted & Irene Cockett - Nanimo, BC 2012

“We really had a great time on tour with Baja Amigos! Even though we were the only Americans on tour, Dan & Lisa and all the other Canadian RVers made us feel very welcome, just like traveling with a group of friends we had known for years. There were many highlights on tour, including Ray’s Place and Whale Watching, we were also delighted to be on tour with Lisa’s Mom, Sylvia.

Baja Mexico has so much to offer for every kind of RVer and the Baja Amigos tour will exceed your expectations to be sure!”

Barry Bowman & Viviane Crook - Reno, Nevada 2012

"We recently returned home after a very enjoyable 45 day Baja Amigos Caravan tour and are pleased to recommend Baja Amigos for any RVer interested in visiting the Baja. Dan and Lisa (the wagon-masters) do an excellent job and really know the Baja well. We were able to relax and enjoy the trip knowing that all details were well planned and never once were we concerned about our safety or what was to come. We really enjoyed the variety of camping locations, including all the boondocking, RV Parks and Campgrounds. The van excursions (and there were many) were great and we saw so much of what the Baja had to offer with Dan & Lisa, things that you would not know about if you were travelling on your own. We feel very comfortable in returning to the Baja on our own or with another couple or two (as long as we learn a little more Spanish). A big thank you goes to Baja Amigos for sharing their knowledge and experiences."

Doug & Helen Canning - Maple Ridge, BC 2011

"We had a great time on our tour with Baja Amigos! Our expectations were exceeded; we found the tour provided a real diversity of experiences, from shopping, boondocking, campgrounds, restaurants and taco stands. We were a little nervous at first but any fears quickly melted away on Day1! We felt so comfortable RVing on Baja with the Goy's after we returned to the US we turned right around and took our RV to mainland Mexico in January 2012. Thank you Dan & Lisa for sharing your love with Mexico and giving us the confidence to do this on our own!"

Grant & Anita Hyndman - Aldergrove, BC 2011

After several years of talking, planning and actually booking a Baja caravan tour, we then canceled due to the negative Mexico hype. Well we finally did it and knocked an important trip off our bucket list. We have just completed one of the most wonderful trips of our lives with Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours and are already talking about our next RV trip to Mexico. We were led by most knowledgeable wagon masters, Dan and Lisa Goy, who showed us countless parts of the Baja we would never have experienced without them. The tour was worth every penny, we made wonderful friends, and hope to travel again to the Baja on our own.

Hats off to Baja Amigos.

Blair & Candace Bourchier - Victoria, BC 2012

We have just returned from a 45 day tour of Baja California, Mexico with Baja Amigos and the trip turn out to be a life changer for us. As recently retired people and new RV’ers we were looking for an opportunity to take a long break in the sun as well as learning more about RVing. We were fortunate to stumble into Baja Amigos at the Abbotsford RV Show this year and when we heard Dan and Lisa Goy’s enthusiasm, the tour itinerary and what Baja Amigos had to offer, it did not take too long for us to agree that this tour was the right thing for us. We were not disappointed and our expectations were exceeded on every level. From day one to day 45 we laughed, played, made new friends ,and did many tours with Dan and Lisa ,found lots of relaxing time and felt very safe at all times. Our side trips (non-scheduled ) for fishing and hiking were some of the bonuses of the trip and we thank Dan and Lisa for being flexible and accommodating them when enough people in the group were up for them.

We thank Dan and Lisa for a thoroughly enjoyable experience that we would not have had without their years of expertise of Mexico which made it for us a stress free and pleasurable vacation.

We are pleased to recommend and share the experience with anyone considering taking the tours offered by Baja Amigos.

Rafael and Eileen Verdejo - Surrey, BC 2011

Dan & Lisa's 45 day tour of the Baja left from Potrero Regional Park on November 2, 2010 and was the beginning of a trip of a lifetime for us. The Goy's have a treasure trove of experience that they readily share. The tour is always small - normally 6 rigs maximum. Dan has a 15 passenger van which he uses to transport everyone on MANY excursion tours. Our trip was superb and without incident. You really owe it to yourself to explore the Baja with Baja Amigos - they are the best! We stayed an extra three months and felt totally at ease. Dan and Lisa gave us the skills and confidence to make the Baja our second home, away from home. After listening to our experiences with Baja Amigos, an older couple with years on Baja said that we had learned in 45 days with Dan and Lisa what it had taken them four or five years to learn. You may not be able avoid the negative publicity about Mexico (fear mongering), but we advise you to take the first opportunity to travel with Baja Amigos! We can't wait to get back to the Baja and would never have felt this way a year ago if it wasn't for Dan and Lisa Goy and Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours.

Many thanks Dan and Lisa, you make travel safe, fun and worry free.

Bruce & Marian Schweers - Nanaimo, BC 2011

After vacationing in Mexico for many years our RV trip with Dan and Lisa on Baja was exactly what we needed. A small RV Caravan; with plenty of informative and interesting side trips with the benefit of their knowledge and experience which allowed us to comfortably RV in Mexico. We found Baja California to be very safe, warm and inexpensive.

We recommend going with the Goy's the first time you RV on Baja, they were great!

Larry & Wendy Kydd - Aldergrove, BC 2011

From our first contact with Baja Amigos we felt comfortable. They were prompt responding to our emails, very forthcoming with information about the Caravan Tour and answering our questions about Mexico.

What really appealed to us about the Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour was the size, only 6 RVs in the caravan. Also that they had a passenger van that would take us on day trips and excursions. The most striking aspect of the Baja Amigos Tour for us was how easy and enjoyable Dan & Lisa made the whole trip and experience; from traveling along the roads, to getting gas, grocery shopping, the choice of RV sites, setting up camp, to going on day trips. We treasure the friends we've made, all the memories we have and the Goy’s for sharing this Baja Adventure with us.
Sus Amigos,
PS:We are already planning our trip down next year!

Maggie & Ron Dumbarton–Calgary, Alberta 2011

I just returned from a wonderful 28 Day Caravan Tour with Dan and Lisa Goy of Baja Amigos and highly recommend them for their knowledge, competence, and fun. As a recently retired U.S. Civil Servant and Discover Baja Travel Club member who moved to a Tijuana condo and had never been South of Ensenada before, I was presented with a perfect February opportunity to explore my new 1000 mile long backyard in my VW Eurovan Camper.

We stayed in my desired travel zone, on the pavement and out of hotels, made many new friends, mostly sun and beach starved English speaking RV Canadians with even friendlier dogs. My driving experience was very relaxing given the relative narrowness of my VW Camper and just required that I follow my leader, take pictures through the windshield, and mumble Spanish to myself from the phrase book checked out of Baja Amigo's mobile library. This learn-Spanish-while-driving is quite effective, for example, in the Desierto del Vizcaino.

Baja Amigo's delivered a very balanced road trip. We were never more than a couple of days away from a hot shower, wifi, laundry, even better fish taco or huevos rancheros, or dump. My experienced leaders already knew that all Pemex stations are not equal and which abandoned RV sites are less equal than others. When we drove off the pavement we were usually in Dan's van with him doing the steering. This was most helpful on the adventurous excursions up to Mission San Javier and in the search for the Cactus Sanctuary near a dusty town called yet again Rosa-something or other.

The Baja Amigo's website proved to be pleasantly honest and informative. It did seem to overlook mentioning four days of no-hassle kayaking off four different beaches and Canadian culture immersion, including a catered backyard pingpong tournament In Loreto and a birthday party at Ray's Place near Mulege.

Best possible first trip down there! Honest!
I'll be back next year!

Indulis Tupesis - Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico 2011

What first attracted us to the Baja Amigos 45 day tour was the small number of people they travel with, as we do not like large groups. We were really able to bond and gel with our caravan companions in a group of a dozen, something that would likely not have occurred had we been travelling with 30 or 40 people. The van for optional excursions seemed also an attractive feature and in the end we used our tow car very little and really enjoyed our many outings with Dan & Lisa. Our visits to the San Javier Mission, Ray’s Place, the tour of Grand Sueno and our Fiesta Dinner in Loreto will remain as some of our fondest memories for years to come. Baja Amigos said from Day 1 that they had a caravan tour planned that would exceed our expectations and theywere right! We were constantly amazed at the number and variety of campgrounds, beaches and RV Parks we stayed at, always something different, offering something unique. Everywhere we went the Goy’s made sure to introduce us to their many friends across Baja who always made us welcome and were keen to hear how our first Baja adventure was going. It was surprising to us to learn that we were visiting places that some of the old time Baja RVers had never been to. We must say we felt privileged to be on tour with Dan & Lisa who gave us a thorough and complete tour of Baja California, Mexico. Suffice to say we would not hesitate to return on our own to some of our favourite spots.

We encourage anyone who is considering a trip to Baja to join up with Dan & Lisa and their Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tour, they are a remarkable couple who really care.

Thank you again for the great tour!

Guenther & Petra Heming - Werne, Germany 2010

We have been wintering in Yuma, Arizona for a few years and had been considering RVing on Baja for the last couple of seasons. We sure are glad we chose Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours! Dan and Lisa are great WagonMasters, always keen to show us their favourite spots for camping, places to eat and sites to see; top to bottom we really felt like we have had the "Baja Experience". We can honestly say our expectations were met and exceeded on many levels for sure! We met great people everywhere we went and now feel comfortable returning to Baja to RV on our own. We were a little apprehensive at first given all the negative news about Mexico however the reality was very different; we always felt very safe and the roads were better than we had anticipated, the Mexicans are working hard to improve Highway 1. We have discovered some new favourite places to spend some of our winter and have no hesitation referring Baja Amigos to other RVers looking for a warmer and more exotic winter destination.

Thank you Dan & Lisa!

Monty & Deb Stevenson-Calgary, Alberta 2010

We have vacationed in Mexico many times in the past and recently purchased an RV (30’ A class Motorhome) and wanted to visit Baja Mexico. After much research we decided to join with Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours. This was a great decision! Our tour of Baja exceeded our expectations largely because Baja Amigos specializes in smaller groups (maximum 6-7 RVs). It was like traveling with good friends right from day 1 who were excited and keen to share their love for Baja. We can’t say enough about the shuttle tours, Dan & Lisa showed so much we would have never seen had we come alone.

We always felt safe and secure and always found the Mexicans we met to be very friendly and helpful. We felt welcome at each destination and from the beginning Dan & Lisa encouraged us to interact with Baja campers outside the caravan group. As a result we learned more about Baja then we could have ever imagined and made many new RV friends. Thanks to our experience with Baja Amigos and Dan & Lisa we feel well prepared and equipped to make Baja a winter destination for years to come.

Muchas gracias amigos.

Lee & Terry Pratt - Modesto, California 2010

May we say thanks to our Baja Amigos; Dan and Lisa were great "Wagon Masters" and we have had an amazing adventure to the Baja. Between close encounters with gray whales, staying right on the most amazing beaches where we watched sunrises and sunsets, combed the beaches to our heart desires, stayed in the mountains where I have never seen so many stars so bright, and felt like you were on top of the world and in the morning seeing and listening to the variety of birds was a delight. Our kayaking ventures were truly wonderful and we were able to see a great variety of fish in the clear turquoise water of the Sea of Cortez. Each day Dan and Lisa took us in their Van on excursions, be it missions, blanket factory, art galleries, markets, shopping centers, pottery studios, glass blowing, cave paintings and biking. Their excursions gave us an excellent overview of all the highlights of each town or city we encountered.

The best part was having all the details taken care by Dan and Lisa, border crossing, gas stops, shopping, drinking water and campsites. If you ever have the desire to explore the Baja in all it's beauty and grandeur, Baja Amigo RV Caravan Tours is the way to go. Due to their experience and expertise, I have no hesitation recommending Baja Amigos and the Goys for this great adventure.
Many Thanks.

Linda & Ross Matterson - Victoria, BC 2010

My wife and I joined the Baja Amigos tour for March 2010, we didn't make the trip in 2009 due to security concerns, but did not want to settle for giving up our Baja adventure. Dan and Lisa's caravan gave us the perfect solution. We felt there was strength in numbers and have seen sights and met more people than we could have ever imagined. Dan is casual, as demanded by the Baja, but careful where called for. He is always there to listen and help out where needed. Plain and simple, he cares. We heartily recommend Baja Amigos to anyone who wants to make a trip to Baja.
Our thanks and gratitude.

Peter & Jo Sherwood - Santa Fe, New Mexico 2010

Dan and Lisa enriched our Baja adventure by sharing their personal knowledge of the local areas and provided a relaxed, safe camping vacation. Highlights of this amazing trip were viewing the ancient cave paintings at Catavina and kayaking at Bahia de los Angeles. We loved Loreto and the Bay of Conception, especially El Requeson. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour guides' warm hospitality and companionship!

Janet and Gavin Bowers - Victoria, BC 2010

Dan & Lisa Goy were great tour guides on my travels down the Baja. I had a wonderful time, made many new friends and have a much better understanding and appreciation of what Mexico is really about. This was truly an unforgettable vacation!

Sylvia Clarke - Surrey, BC 2009

My camping trip down the Mexican Baja with Dan & Lisa was an adventure of a lifetime. The scenery was nothing less than spectacular and Dan's driving skills superb.

Heather Weis - Surrey, BC 2009

My trip with the Goys last winter to the Baja was fabulous! The sites and scenery exceeded my expectations! For me this was definitely a WOW adventure!
Thank you Dan & Lisa.

Doris Todd - Coquitlam, BC 2009

Thanks for your amazing tour down the Baja. You set us up beautifully to be very comfortable traveling on our own in the Baja. You not only possessed a wealth of historical knowledge, but you also knew the best spots to shop, dine, and relax!

Bob & Melanie Ashton - Kamloops, BC 2009

The tour to San Javier Mission was wonderful, a memorable experience we will never forget! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the Baja with us!

Robert & Penny Priddy - Surrey, BC 2009


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