Happy Fathers Day-Feliz Día del Padre

June 19, 2011 –Good morning everyone, for all you Fathers out there take the time to enjoy your family today. My Dad past away a couple of years ago at 90 years old and I still think about him often.  He was born at the end of World War I and raised during the great depression in Burnaby, BC.  This experience during his formative years shaped  his outlook on life and the values he embraced.  He was very active in his community, dedicated to his family, committed to his trade union and loved to travel.  The good news for me is my Mom & Dad were both RVers!  We did lots of tent camping in the early days in places like the wilds of White Rock.  I will never forget our first big road trip in 1964 to the New York’s World’s Fair in a station wagon and tent trailer, a 6 week journey of a lifetime, no wonder I enjoy driving Baja 4 times a year!  My parents did have a couple of Travel Trailers in later years, however in retirement they became very avid Truck & Camper RVers. They traveled much of North America, but not Mexico.  My Mom & Dad would have loved Baja California.

Although not a state holiday, Mexico does celebrate Fathers Day (Día del Padre) as we do in Canada and the United States on the third Sunday in June.


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