Happy Valentine’s day – Feliz Día de San Valentin

Lots of fun in Loreto tonight

February 14th, 2013 –Here we are this evening in Loreto, BCS on Valentine’s Day and this evening Lisa and I wandered down to the Municipal Hall and town square to see what was happening.  Lots of music and young people celebrating and dancing, generally speaking just having a great time and lots of fun.  Today we had driven from Playa Santispac, south of Mulege, to the Rivera Del Mar RV Park, not a long drive but a very scenic one.

Negro Modelo on tap is yummy!

After we got settled we headed off with the group for an ATM then off to the Del Boraccho Saloon & Grill for lunch, no one was disappointed.  I remain very fond of the Negro Modelo on tap, still only 70 pesos a pitcher (about $5.55)!  After we visited Conchita’s Curios & Gifts with the group, which was was a real hit with the ladies, bye the way Sven is looking a for a matching tub to go with the sink!

This looks like FUN!

Our two days on Playa Santispac was windy but very enjoyable.  Very sunny, lots of long walks, some kayaking, a great potluck, everyone made some new friends on the beach and Bruce & Marian provided a wonderful fire.

Soaking up the sun on Santispac with Baja Amigos

Aldofo and Pileo were very entertaining selling a variety of goods and keeping all the potential buyers on their toes. We look forward to seeing them again when we return to Mulege in a couple of weeks.

Blanket anyone?

The gang saw lots of Grey Whales in Guerrero Negro, a unique experience they will soon not forget. The following excursion later in the day to the Zocolo in San Ignacio was also a hit.  When we arrived at Rice & Beans the Fantasy Caravan was already set up, the good news was we all fit!  I think there may have been one spot left over.
Tomorrow we head off to San Javier and in the evening our Fiesta Night Dinner hosted by Ubaldo at the Giggling Dolphin.
Another day and the fun and adventure continue with Baja Amigos!

We had a great potluck dinner!

Did you know?

Valentine’s day in Mexico, February 14th is celebrated as the Día de San Valentin, but it’s more commonly referred to as El Día del Amor y la Amistad, the “day of love and friendship.” People commonly give flowers, candies and balloons to their romantic partners, but it’s also a day to show appreciation for friends.  Everyone can take part in Mexican Valentine’s Day celebrations, because it’s not just for lovers, it’s also for friends. It’s a time for people to show appreciation to the people they care about – this way, there’s no reason to feel left out if you don’t have a significant other. Buy some flowers, write a poem or make a gift for one of your friends – let them know you care!


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