Heading Home

April 6thOur final tour is now complete and everyone is heading off, some home, others to more adventure in the US and Canada.  We spent two (2) full days in Bahia de los Angeles and the weather was perfect, very warm and little wind, I nice way to end the beach camping. On Sunday (Day 27) we all felt the 7.2 earthquake (temblor) centered near Mexicali.  At the time we were shopping in the public market in San Quintin and only learned all the details once we went for our farewell to Mexico dinner at the Baja Fiesta restaurant.  Baja really could use a break from all these natural disasters, the Mexicans have endured enough hardships in the last 8 months with Jimena, January floods and now this. All said it was a successful season, client’s expectations were exceeded and we made many new friends. Time to head home.


Catavina boulder fields Potrero Regional Park of San Diego San Ignacio La Ventana Los Cerritos Fidels-El-Pabellon-Campground Mariachis-in-Ensenada Mexican-signage Tight-Squeeze-Mex-1