January Tour ends with excitement!


Only on Baja would they move 3 of these in the middle of the day!

February 4th, 2013 – We enjoyed the last few days of the our of January 2013 day tour under mostly blue skies and warm weather. our drive from Mulege to Mario’s in Guerrero Negro was uneventful, some folks ate inside at the restaurant others collected lots of shells as there is plenty to go around at the RV Park.  Folks really enjoyed the stunning vista provided at the highway entrance of Bahia de Los Angeles, meeting Antonio and Bety Resendiz, Herman Hill the prospector and author of Baja’s Hidden Gold, visiting the Museo De Naturaleza Y Culture, walking on the beach to the lighthouse and some even went Kayaking.  Jitterbug & Lulu had a blast digging up the little ground squirrels, Mike & Kelly’s dog Rosie really enjoyed eating them.  LA bay has something to offer everyone!

Armin & Kathryn were our tour photographers

After leaving Bahia we headed north once again on Day 27, our destination was the Baja Fiesta Restaurant, always a great dinner at near the end of the tour.  Cecelia did not disappoint, her son Ivan was in charge and provided everyone with great service and even took Andy & Lorrie up to the local ATM as they required a few more pesos to complete the trip.  During our drive we encountered a Wide Load caravan of 3 load-bed tractor trailers, with really wide loads, we all had to get off the highway for them to pass by.  Fortunately for us this occurred just north of Catavina where we actually had some place to pull off.  As we often say, Only in Mexico!

On Day 28 we headed for Sordo Mudo at KM 75 on Highway 3.  Unfortunately once again Pedro Domeq was closed however the group really enjoyed LA Cetto, both the tour by Gilberto and the tastings the winery provided.  Our friend Indulis from TJ even came to meet us and did the tour with us, it was great to see him again! RVers do tend to like wine and yes a few bottles were purchased to take back home.

Kathryn photographing some LA Cetto vineyards

Day 29 started well everyone was keen to return to the US and carry on with the remainder of their Snowbird travels.  Unfortunately the Tecate police have developed a reputation of preying on RVers and tourists when any opportunity presents itself real or imagined. As we entered Tecate on Hwy 3 at the top of the hill I saw the Police right away, parked on the other side of the road.  The intersection has been in construction for some time and as usual is not well signed.  As we made our way thru the road construction we heard that the Police were now behind one of the RVs, with their lights on.  Unfortunately this RV had mistakenly gone thru a red (they saw the green left turn arrow).  As you can imagine lots of excitement ensued for a few minutes, the good news is the Caravan was only delayed for about 15 minutes and this driver error cost way less then back home with no points resulting on the record. An hour or so later we were back in the US, said our goodbyes and watched the Superbowl.

On one final note, hard to believe our oldest Daughter Kirsty is 32 today, where does time go eh?



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