Last days in Baja.




Leaving Bahia de Los Angeles- a favorite spot for the group, the desert back to Hwy 1 was green and blooming with sweet smelling purple, yellow and white flowers as were the cacti beginning to show bloom.
The Boulder Fields along hwy.1 (above) is a spectacular display of granite rock formed from molten rock beneath the earths surface then cooled and fractured at the surface and became weathered over the years by water and freezing temperatures. I call it natures rock garden and there is miles and miles of it.
Our long journey today takes us to Vicente Guerrero where we will spend the night in the parking lot behind Baja Fiesta Restaurant. The restaurant run by Cecilia and her sons offer good service and a varied menu with delicious foods



Baja Fiesta1

A tired but hungry group are treated to hosted meal at Baja Fiesta Restaurant. The food was plentiful and delicious.


Sordo Mudo School RV Park

Day 28, our last full day in Baja. North of Vicente Guerrero we passed miles of farmland where workers were picking vegetables. We breezed through Ensenada taking in the sites and even though a cruise ship was in we did not see the crowds of tourists, maybe the ship was preparing to leave. There were tugs out in the bay  spouting huge jets of water skyward; we’re not sure why. 

 The very scenic wine valley marks the last leg of our trip today. In Valle de Guadalupe we will be camping at Rancho Sordo Mudo RV Park a cute little place surrounded by vineyards. 

Rancho Sordo Mudo is a christian based residential school for deaf children in Mexico. The founders Ed and Margaret Everett believed deaf children did not have to be beggars on the street. The schools program teaches them to read and write in Spanish, to use Mexican sign language and American sign language, and to learn a trade. Ruben is the schools representative for the RV Park  across the street from the school. He visits and spends time with all of us each time we stay here. This is the place to leave donations or come back to volunteer. At the end of our tour the group usually leaves food that cannot be taken across the border which would otherwise be thrown away.

L.A. Cetto tour

The group is posing with Gilberto our wine tour guide at LA Cetto Vineyards.


Tasting, and enjoying!


Holding down the bar.

The ladies and Dom are also enjoying the sampling of wines.


Sordo Mudo potluck

Ruben is answering questions about the school and having a bite to eat with us. This is our last evening together where we tossed up a last potluck and the group donated food, clothing and just camping here is a donation to the school. 

Day 29, we cross the border this morning. A straight forward drive to the border finds us with only a short wait to cross. On the other side we gathered to say goodbye, give back radios and hand in evaluations.

I’m feeling like our children have left the nest but also looking forward to summer and our family and friends.

I promised Ruthe I would put this photo on the blog. Lucy the dog donated some hair so Dom could have a soul patch like Gary.


And now, the closing credits:

The Cast:

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The directors, well just see above!



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