Mulege & Ray’s Place

January group together for the last time as 2 couples drop off before we head north from Los Cabos

January 28, 2013 – Last night we headed out to Ray’s Place and he did not disappoint, dinner was great as always, Ray & Pam were great hosts.  We had a couple of extra seats so Maurice & Vivianne, our friends from the Orchard, joined us for dinner.  The renovations and repairs are complete and the place looks great, again open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they are also thinking of adding a Sunday brunch.  We are very fortunate and appreciative that Ray & Pam open for us when our caravan arrives in Mulege other then the scheduled operational days.  Everyone loves going to Ray’s, including the adventurous drive.  We cannot wait to get back next month.

We left Los Cabos leaving Bill & Heidi and Dennis & Gwen behind as they dropped off to spend an extra month or two in the warm tropics, we will pick them up in February or March.  A short drive and we in Pescadero heading down a farm road to Bobby & Wendy’s campground near Playa Pescadero on the Pacific Ocean we spent the afternoon on the beach, watching whales and some folks boogey boarded.

Mike will not soon forget this beach! Playa Pescadero is beautiful!

Mike was very keen to try his new sport out and did well until a large swell pounded him into the surf and sand, kinda like getting slammed to the ground by several fire hoses.  His face took a scurffing and he suffered a sore neck, however he did survive.

He may call it a career, we will see.  That evening we treated everyone to dinner at La Pasadita in downtown Pescadero, a modest eatery with very tasty food, Bobby joined us for dinner as usual, everyone certainly enjoyed his company.  The next day was spent on an excursion in Todos Santos and lunch at George’s Taco Stand, plenty of fish, unfortunately no shrimp, they were all good “todo bien” as they say.

Dinner at La Pasadita was a hit!

Our 2 days in La Paz continued sunny and warm, we even had some pool time which was very refreshing.  At Lisa’s suggestion we tried out a new restaurant called Los Tamarindos Garden Restaurant operated by Gaston & Cecy, what a great find this was.  We now had a couple of extra seats in the Van so Lance & Jo and Bud & Joan, regulars at Campestra Maranatha joined us.  Great food, great entertainment, the Folklorico dancers were terrific and the service outstanding and prices very reasonable.  We will be back!

Los Tamarindos was new for Baja Amigos thanks to Lisa!

As we journeyed north we were off to Puerto Escondido for 1 night and dinner at PortBello Restaurant Mariana Singular.  Pedro was ready for us, this is a good steak & seafood house, however I had pizza which I quite enjoyed, I needed something a little different.  In the morning everyone was treated to a spectacular sunrise first reflecting red off the Sierra Giganta Mountain Range at first light.

Today some will do some laundry in town, purchase a few more items from local merchants and we have and excursion that will include the lighthouse, Loma Linda and the Prison Museum.  The bulk of the afternoon will likely be spent poolside.  One more day and we are leaving Baja California Sur.

Did you know about the Battle of Mulege?

During the US-Mexican War (1846-1848) the Mexican government dispatched Captain Manual Pinada and a small group of armed officers to take over military matters in the peninsula as Pinada had previous knowledge of the terrain and people of Baja.  He crossed the Sea of Cortez from Guaymas and arrived at Mulege in September 1847.  On arrival he organized the local people into a force to defend the peninsula from the Americans.  The US government responded by dispatching the sloop Dale to Mulege, where it arrived in October.  The sloop’s commander sent a message ashore demanding that the inhabitants preserve neutrality.  Pinada responded with a prideful message that he and his soldiers would defend their country until the last drop of blood was shed.

Sunrise at Puerto Escondido is simply stunning!

These Mexican folklorico performers were wonderful!

The American commander sent boats ashore with some 60 men and a small artillery piece.  This force was fired upon by Pinada and his small group of men. There followed a considerable exchange of gun fire, including some 135 canister shots from Dale.  The Mexicans held fast, and by afternoon the Americans returned to their ship.  Having met with resistance, the Dale left Mulege leaving a smaller ship behind to provide a blockade.  All this action took place at the mouth of the Rio Santa Rosalia near El Sombretito, a small bit conspicuous peak that now bears the Mulege lighthouse.  It is in plain view from the highway and is several hundred yards from the Hotel Serenidad.  The heroic defense of Mulege gave rise to considerable public spirit.  Pinada was able to recruit a force that Mexican historians say numbered about 300 men.  They came from the pueblos of San Ignacio, Mulege, and Comondu, and later from San Antonio and Todo Santos.  This battle was only one of a few where the Mexicans were able to successfully fend off the American invasion of Mexico.



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