San Diego is Chilly!

March 5thWe said goodbye to everyone this morning and are eager to pickup the new group on Monday and off to warmer weather again.  What crazy weather we are having, it is colder here now than when we first arrived for our January tour, last night was 0C, very chilly indeed.  The good news is the work continues and the 2 remaining bridges damaged by the floods of late January in northern Baja and Mex 1 is currently very passable by any rigs.  I must say the northern Baja is stunning after all the rain, a real contrast between the lush green vegetation, vivid colourful flowers and dessert cactus.  Baja Beauty at its finest!


Catavina boulder fields Ensenada Mulege River Maria Isabel's RV Park, Mulege Vincente-Guerrero Cabo Pulmo - a room with a view Kids-Recycle-Art-Bahia-De-Los-Angeles Recycle-Art-in-Bahia De Los Angeles Restaurant-San-Jose-Del-Cabo