Tropical In Los Cabos

Dan at the Tropic of Cancer on Baja in 1985

January 21, 2013 – Well we have had busy days since we left Rancho Verde for the tropics in Los Cabos and the weather delivered, warm breeze at night and sunny hot days! On the way we stopped at the new building and monument for the Tropic of Cancer on Hwy 1, this is very impressive structure they have built, both the monument and the structure, although not quite open yet.

The new Tropic of Cancer monument (they just pushed the old one out back)

This will have public washrooms and some shops, lots of room for the rigs to pull off as well. Our next stop was our Propane fillup, we now use the CALIGAS facility at KM 51 a few minutes north of the Los Cabos airport on Hwy1. This is the best Propane filling station ever, for both tanks and on board propane. Lots of room to turn around the rigs and park everyone out of the way while waiting. Easy access off and on the highway, even a pull off and on lane. Andy & Lorrie rescued a little black dog at this stop, they called her Maxy, very cute indeed.

Great location to fill up your propane

What a cute dog Andy & Lorrie saved!

Our last stop was the San Lucas Plaza, Walmart, the bank and La Europea for those needing beverages of any and all sorts. After we went to the Blown Glass Factory, a short tour of Cabo, the harbour entrance and dinner for 14 at Vagabundos, it was great to see Peter and Joe. Although it took three attempts, we made it out on the patio at Sunset de Mona Lisa, this time just as the sun was setting, very beautiful. We also did our excursion to San Jose Del Cabo which everyone enjoyed, great to see the Art District road reconstruction is coming along nicely, they are doing great job. We also stopped in at Latitude 22 for Sunday dinner, nothing too fancy but everyone enjoyed meeting Mike and checking out all the interesting, eclectic and unique collection of photos and other memorabilia at the restaurant.

They are doing a great job on the street reconstruction

Yesterday everyone was and on board for 9am, first stop was Artesano’s the store with Mexican made goods from across the country, always reasonably priced. Then we headed off to Playa Santa Maria, our favourite swimming and snorkeling beach, the gang had a blast.

Playa Santa Maria is a lot of fun

Last but not least we hosted our Happy Hour at Playa Medano, Lisa put on a terrific spread and mixed up 3 Liters of Margarita, simply wonderful. Victor dropped by with his lemon wood bowls and other lathed items that were also a hit. Tomorrow we start our journey north with a 2 day stay in Pescadero. The weather forecast looks good!

Everyone enjoyed the old town in San Jose del Cabo

Did you know?
Although the Hacienda was the first hotel in Cabo San Lucas itself, it had been preceded by other early fly-in resorts situated on the coast of the southern half of the Sea of Cortez. These included such legendary pioneering establishments as the Flying Sportsmen Lodge built by Ed Tabor in Loreto (1952), the Serenidad built by Don Johnson in Mulege (1961), the Hotel Los Arcos developed in La Paz by Luis Coppola Bonillas (1952), Rancho Buena Vista built by Herb Tansey at East Cape (1952), and the nearby Hotel Cabo San Lucas built by William Matt “Bud” Parr (1961). Two other earlier resorts had also been built by Rod Rodriguez himself, the Palmilla at San Jose del Cabo (1956), and the very first of the first, Rancho las Cruces, Baja’s original luxury fishing resort, built on the beach at the base of a remote arroyo near La Paz in 1950.

Don Johnson, now in his mid 80’s is hard at work establishing a new RV Park in Mulege. Our RV Caravan Tours include a 2 day stop in Mulege, we currently stay at the facilities available at the Hotel Serenidad.


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