Violence In Vancouver

June 16, 2011 – Sadly I must comment on the mayhem and rioting in Vancouver last night following the Canuck loss to the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup. The property damage will be in the millions for sure and thousands of fans are at a complete loss why some would find it necessary to act out with such senseless vandalism and violence. Our daughter and her partner watched the game at the Beatty Street Armory with about 100 others.  When all hell broke loose the Armory was locked down and everyone remained safely inside.  They were permitted to leave around 11:30 pm and went directly to Skytrain and I picked them up in Surrey at a station.  They were rattled to say the least. When all is said and done I suspect many of those engaged in the mayhem were likely not from Vancouver but from the suburbs.  What a shame.

As a footnote; the Boston Bruins are to be congratulated for winning the Stanley Cup, clearly they were the better team.  The Vancouver Canucks should also hold their heads high, they were only 1 game away of winning the big prize!

And folks are afraid to RV in Mexico because of the perceived violence, go figure?



What a mess


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