Week 1 – Baja Hot & Green

Hard to believe this is Baja!

November 13, 2012 – We met our new Baja Amigos on November 1st in Potrero, CA and it has been a very warm first week for sure, traveling across the desert from Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio the temperature hit 37c.  The only real problem we have been having is the slide on George & Heather’s 5th wheel, which has been stuck in for a couple of days; however with George’s persistence and help from others he has got things working for now.

This season we added a new feature to the 45 Day Tour, a tour of the Salt Worksin Guerrero Negro, offered by Malarrimo.  This was very interesting and something everyone enjoyed.  Guerrero Negro was founded in 1957 when an American by the name of Daniel Ludwig–who also constructed the hotel Acapulco Princess in the port of Acapulco; –decided to install a salt works there to supply the demand of salt in the western United States.

These load in 10 minutes

This lagoon has vast tidal flats full of salt which makes this area the world’s number one salt producer.  The harvest machines are able to collect 2,000 tons of salt per hour.  The salt is transported around the world to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan.  By 1962 they had exported one million tons of salt and this facility is responsible for producing 5% of the world’s salt.  This tour will remain as a permanent fixture to the 45 Day Tour in November.

I was huffing a puffing in the heat

Where is this?

Baja is Green, wow what a change!  This is like visiting a place we have never seen before, Baja looks so different after all the rain over the summer and the Chubasco Paul.  Unfortunately Mulege and the surrounding area right down to the Loreto got hammered by the hurricane in October.  Our friends at the Orchard and out at Ray’s Place got flooded once again, plus damage to the entrances to some very popular RV beaches.  However it has now dryed out and continues to be warm, a little cool on Santispac, but thanks to Bruce & Marian we had great fires everynight!  FYI we have a new Restaurant Bar at Santispac to compete with Lupe’s, Lisa, Bruce & Marian had lunch there and really enjoyed it.

We are now in Loreto, everyone really enjoyed our drive today and we had a good lunch at Yolanda’s restaurant in the park, open again thank goodness. It has warmed up again, 27c and the forecast is  calling for it to get warmer and for the wind to fall off.  We are very pleased to report that the new VHF radios are working well, our base unit is 20watts and the handheld walkie talkies are 5watts, no more gaps!

David & Valerie on Playa El Coyote


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